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Sunday, December 2, 2012


This description was intended to be a comment to the previous post “HOW ARE STONEGATE THROUGH 140TH AVE OLIN CONNECTED?” however, due to its size it has become an addendum to that prior post instead.
“Society’s” types have a different view of reality than the rest of typical individuals in society that have to really work hard for their achievements, because all they have to do is place their LABELS AND NUMBERS everywhere and “puff” historical records go up in smoke and are replaced by “Society’s” remake of actual history. When corporations want to remake history, and provide one of their types with a history he or she never had, mass layoff is the preferred fashion, in the end it’s worth it especially if placing one of their types in a very critically important position. This then enables one of their types to be provided with a history in an organization once all those who would have remembered what actually took place are now without employment and have to relocate to find employment anything can be altered. Now in my case, “Society’s” types have relied on the use of a hollow name to create a fictional account here that allowed a con artist and his supporters to recreate events, magically added a family branch here in this State that is very different from what is actually in the records of their Nuclear records if they have not been now purged as documented in comment # 2 from 11/21/2012 on the COMMENTS Page, now accessible via the PREVIOUS COMMENTS link on the COMMENTS 1 Page. You guessed it a large round off layoffs also took place at this ethical utility in the 1990s, this targeted group of select older workers and others who could not be relied on to go along with a Houdini disappearing act by a con artist and “remake” himself into the identity of another after years of changing stories about his history, because these older workers view of history is very different from the made up version “Society’s” types attempt to recreate. It was too late, for one of those older workers laid off in the 1990’s had provided me with an actual account of what took place. Allow me to digress, it would appear that the individual for who the nuclear plant at Palo, IA was named (Duane Arnold), the original CEO prior to the con artist was not a “Society’s” type individual, because it is reported that Mr. Arnold actually did some digging of his own and found something not quite in harmony in the actual records and qualifications of this young con artist ”engineer” and he was fired. However, with his “Society’s” type “friends” in high places, Mr. Arnold was “forced” to rehire this young con artist “engineer” (probably through intimidation or blackmail of some type, the usual methods of “Society’s” types). Now if you are forced to do an about face in this manner for any “Society’s” type individual you are a marked person, (see comment # 1 from 11/28/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page) it is only a matter of time, because it has to be proven that Mr. Arnold made a mistake by his action (for anyone old enough to actually remember or even question this remade sequence). Sure enough Mr. Arnold’s demise "coincidentally" occurred, while in office and none other than the young con artist he once fired, replaced him, making the “story” of his rebirth and “legitimacy” now complete. The only thing left was to find an individual whose records could be usurped to provide this hapless con artist with a made up history. This was achieved based on the mangling of my records needed for an individual with an engineering student history who actually came to this country and completed school in three years as previously described on this Blog’s pages (see the post, HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED (EDITED)? . The only missing piece needed is an Asian connection, which as previously reported on this Blog’s pages is not in the ancestry of either my Mother or Father (see comment # 2 from 11/28/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page) and that is conveniently provided by my former Spouse’s heritage, with a name (not typically associated with the Nation in, which it has been enshrined into an actual place but historically belonging to a neighboring Nation), but it serves the purpose perfectly, to provide a hapless con artist with a visibly outward indication of history, no matter how mangled and torturous a path “trampled” over to arrive at this altered version of reality, hence the constant need for the use of Mr. and Mrs. James Brazant (started in the 14th State and without, which this con artist has ZERO “legitimacy” beneath the carefully redo he has been provided with by makeup artists (“reportedly” to be associated with a project entitled, OBSCENE MAKEOVER IDENTITY EDITION). These “Society’s” types must be taking a page from a popular show with a similar title or is it vice versa; regardless they do seem to mirror each other.
Back to the main point, for me, reality involved the purchasing of three acres from a very “prissy” lady, via a five (5) year only contractual sale that ended in 1997. This sale, resulted from the severing of approximately three (3) acres from a 80-acre plot owned by that lady on right side of the road traveling north to south (see included map below). This is very
140th Ave, Olin, IA with critical details about the properties associated with the former Owner of the total plot before the three-acre division of the 80-acre total plot on he RIGHT SIDE as shown above, NOT THE LEFT SIDE (when traveling in a north to south direction).    

important because this same individual was also reported to be the Owner of a 60-acre plot on the left side of the road also traveling in a north to south direction. It is reported, on one occasion that, at one point, the acreages were being switched to cover over what actually took place, (especially after the longest serving Jones County Treasurer (while this property transactions were being carried out) suddenly left office in circa 2005/06, because if these properties can be switched and the 60-acre plot placed on the right and the 80-acre plot placed on the left traveling north to south along 140th avenue, history can be completely altered. How “coincidental” it was that the only place that was opened up to purchase for relocation after the Cedarwood Hills lease ended in 1992 was on a road, renamed 140th Ave (see the post THE UNVEILING OF QUID PRO QUO DEAL-MAKING), with properties on either side of the road directly opposite each other with the same Owner. I am no longer aware of who is supposed to be the Owner of record and how the transfers take place here, because as previously stated, it’s very difficult to actually tell who actually owns these properties surrounding 8263, 140th Avenue, Olin, especially if the properties plots were switched and placed on the opposite sides of the road, (see the post SIGNS OF SPRING AT 8263 140th AVENUE as well as “VIRTUALS” AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS). I can prove down to the last check how the three (3)-acre plot associated with 8263, 140th on the right side on the road, traveling north to south was paid for, in spite of the closing of my checking accounts to alter historical records.

In conclusion, all that can be stated in answering the question, which is the title of this post is this, the signs of a “Society’s” type individual are the following: 1) an individual with a resume based entirely on the existence of others for “legitimacy” and whose history has been remade via news accounts as a replacement for actual history, 2) an individual who relies on the brandishing of labels and numbers as a basis for "legitimacy", 3) the existence of “paid” supporter(s) vouching for the individual’s attendance at “school” (ex. the most unlikely of pairings more so than the “odd couple” when an “country club” type vouches for the “legitimacy”of a most unlikely classmate in swearing that “he and I went to school with each other”, because the word of such an individual would be believed by most wondering what would he gain by untruthful? - a lifestyle most would envy such an individual for, 4) the heavy reliance on advertising as a basis for “credibility”, 5) an individual who adopts very visibly noticeably outwards signs of legitimacy (ex. associating with pets if the “new” history of  the individual is somehow connected to pets kept by the brother of another or the purchasing of photographic equipment if the person being impersonated is also known as an amateur photographer and 6) outwardly possessing the ability to appear to be credible typically associated with taller individuals a practice adopted by “Society’s” types unless possessing some other needed quality - see the post ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE). Finally, it can be stated only that a keen awareness, alertness and wisdom, (which some is known to refer to as feminine intuition on occasion); because as the old saying goes if anyone appears to be too well “manufactured”, always having the answers that gloss over (or smooth) any situation without providing concrete solutions or the other extreme can’t provide any answer without prescreening, something is not quite right, regardless of whose support they have or what “qualifications” they brandish. WHEN DID WE AS A SOCIETY STOP THINKING AND ALLOWED ADVERTISING AND OTHER ENTERTAINING “REALITY” SHOWS TO DO OUR “THINKING” FOR US?

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J_F_Brazant said...

There is a process being termed “school records mining” in, which those who for one reason or another cannot complete their studies, “mine” (or "trawl”) anywhere for the remotest of connection that would allow such to be snatched from an unsuspecting individual whose identity, school records and accomplishments are being carved-up, dissected and sold off to the highest bidders by “Society’s” types and their supporters engaged in perpetual wealth-generating schemes. What apparently takes place is to try to match wealthy willing purchasers in need of school records with records of actual students who are being imprisoned as some thought that their exploits would never come to light, because it's no telling how far and wide, who and where such records may end up propping up. Therefore if my Pratt school records are being claimed by some who never even went to that school, then my TCI records must also have been carved-up and sold off to those “Society’s” types with access to cash but no ability to have completed studies but have been provided with ready-made records. One thing is certain, anyone using school contributions (such as at the school, actually attended by me or any other for example), as a means of paying for qualifications would most likely be an on-going contributor in excess measure of a well-known corporation(s) especially when such contributions are not to “coincidentally” to their school of record. Anyone fitting such a profile should be suspected because something is amidst. Likewise, any relying on my school records from TCI for their source of school work will forever be stuck with the use of the NUMBER 67 (see the post STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - link on COMMENTS 1 Page). Regardless of how odd it may seem, whether international or otherwise, if any individual is stuck with this number, (one point of note all my funds for paying for attendance at TCI, copies of, which are still in my possession were paid through Barclays Bank), chances are that individual who is relying on the records from TCI and those responsible for the sale of such are busy covering-up any possible avenue exposed to keep their cash-cow perpetual wealth generating scheme alive as well as how some with access to wealth and other “Society’s” types obtain “qualifications”. One thing is certain, one Mega Conglomerate known internationally for their “fair” treatment of employees who gained international attention towards the turn of the 21st century (approximately) for having one of their young heirs return a school diploma because she did not EARN it (somewhere in the Northeast), would never (THIRTEEN TIMES) ever be involved in any such pyramid schemes.