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Monday, December 10, 2012


This follow-up to comment # 1 from 12/8/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page documents on-going irregularities, which seem to occur as a result of mail with starting points at the Anamosa Post Office, is the basis for this post. In addition, to the referenced January 2005 SSA bound mail, the 2005 calendar mailed on December 17, 2004 also received “unusual” treatment, when it showed up on January 28, 2005 in the below manner unopened. My conclusion is documented
in the below photo. This handling of these Federal mails in this manner show blatant disregard for my rights by those “Society’s” types whose motto is whatever works, it will be covered-up later. I can only conclude in my opinion, that these actions must have played a part in the awarding of the High School’s to this location (because of the total disrespect for others (a feature notable in those with “thin” standards). I interpreted this as a form of “intimidation” and chose to disregard it, especially since on-going communication had been taken place with this Corporation (see below photo). Those who are claiming this Proprietorship as their possession
because of their powerful allies as the basis for “legitimacy” should explain the existence of the following information on the then CONSERVERY QUESTIONABLE ACTIVITIES PAGE (QCAP). Clearly, had this Proprietorship been the possession of those attempting to use such: “wild, wild, west” tactics, numbers and abuse of public trust by those cooperative types in these positions to take over the property, achievements and ideas of another would not contain the type of descriptive details as documented in Issue 12.1 and Issue 13 shown below in the 

selective details used to depict “actual” historical events, not what some would like history to be because of their "awesomeness” and intimidation practices.
Also of note in the then Issue 13, is the documenting of the High School Graduation date of my older daughter as documented for the record noting an unusual occurrence that had taken place just prior to her high school graduation. Even more interesting, is the date of her High School graduation, none other that a date rooted in quid pro quo deal-making (see the post "HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED (EDITED 12/3/2012)?".) The recurring use of this date is very significant, because it is an attempt to alter historical events in a NOTABLE way to place my sister here in this Country and in Iowa specifically, thereby rendering all my accomplishments meaningless (or so those who think that individuals can be treated as M&A objects assumed in order that they can be assigned to others (see the highlighted section from the post THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF “SOCIETY’S” TYPES (EDITED 12/8/2012). My Sister, had she fulfilled by FATHER'S TRADITIONAL LEGACY, (as documented in the post MY FATHER'S TRADITIONAL LEGACY, WHO FULFILLED IT?); when he expected her to, she would not now be involved with the unethical practices of questionable “Society’s” types hiding and dodging to support those who “prey” on others for their perpetual wealth-generating schemes, for those willing to exchange resources for easily obtained “credentials”. I can safely conclude that she did not fulfill my FATHER’S TRADITIONAL LEGACY (in addition to his dying wish for his ONLY THREE surviving offspring to live in harmony with each other, the question raised in this post of the same title); time will tell who does, as the events are still unfolding! This description documents the historical events as they occurred for the record, not as those with resources and others who “sell out” the public trust would like them to be for perpetual wealth-generation in support of covering-up the disgraceful behavior of an inept executive. What a sad depiction of those with little regard for the rights of others. HISTORY DOES NOT CHANGE EVENTS INTO WHAT THOSE WITH “THIN" STANDARDS WOULD LIKE THEM TO BE!

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