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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This is a follow-up to the previous post AN INSIGHT INTO THE ART OF COVERING-UP - THE “SOCIETY’S” WAY to show the extreme measures employed by those “Society’s” types who have grown accustomed to reliance on easy “credibility” and go to dangerous lengths to maintain it due to their lack of meaningful skills.
When the 2001 trip to the Caribbean island of Trinidad took place in search of a relocation destination even then at retirement (see the post, AN UNMISTAKABLE AND ONGOING PATTERN THAT HAS RESULTED IN MY DECISION TO RELOCATE), an indirect view of how “coincidental” events targeting those connected (see comment # 1 from 11/28/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page, now accessible via the PREVIOUS COMMENTS link on the COMMENTS 2 Page), was gained. The below faxed letter,

documented various developments that occurred after a deposit was made on a property on the island in Cedros, and specifically the Attorney who had been contacted to handle the purchase transaction details. This individual (whose name was J.R.F. Richardson, a former Member of Parliament) was found “bludgeoned” to death in his office after the receipt of the Foreign Investment Act document (with its documented details regarding citizenship) that still exists. For some reason, Mr. Richardson had been misinformed that both my spouse and I were of US citizenship as documented on the Form returned here to the Olin, IA then office/residence (see the below photos). Once the documents were corrected and returned and an advance
copy faxed as documented he was found murdered. This post is not making claims in this matter, only documenting how unusual developments occur in the lives of those connected that somehow always seem to be beneficial to “Society’s” types. All that can be said is that they are a “very, very, very, lucky, lucky, lucky” group (those of  the "free loader's cause"), because the “fingerprints” of these types are not found in the events that result in the elimination of any potentially challenging situations for them.

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