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Friday, April 27, 2012


The connection between the Posts LABELS, NUMBERS AND LOCATIONS as well as WHERE THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS FIRE and its Update/Supplement lies in the facts outlined in the subject COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS. This series of postings on this subject matter outlined that in reality most things believed to be coincidences are carefully managed events orchestrated to convince the unsuspecting and aimed at propping up “virtual” impostors in need of legitimacy.
In the post about Labels, Numbers and Locations, the focus of discussion was the Mitsubishi, Montero, which was relocated to Iowa at time of my relocation in 1991. That Post also mentioned that this vehicle was purchased in Connecticut and the below photo documents how

Registration Transfer from Mazda to Mitsubishi - 1987
the registration of this vehicle was carried out, namely by transferring from a Mazda that had been recently purchased and turned in once it became clear that relocation upstate New York was the path being considered, (see the series of posts on CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CORRECTING THE DOTS). Since it was learned from the above postings that coincidences should never be accepted as authenticity, the fact that a certain Motor Manufacturer has been definitely shown to be engaged in identity switching/transferring activities, then the fact that this same Motor Manufacturer bought a controlling interest in the Mazda Motor Company should neither come as a surprise and is not to be viewed as a coincidence, but part of the strategy of identity transferring to provide legitimacy to its impostors based on the historical background of those with actual traceable backgrounds (such as shown below, a copy of the temporary Driver License obtained in New York at this transitional address before relocating to Iowa in 1991.)

Temporary New York Driver License obtained by surrendering my Vermont License - 1991


J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

There are some “Society’s” types who are of the opinion that demonstrating ownership is nothing more than taking up a vehicle from a Marion used car Dealership after it’s been turned in, closing the Dealership completely and then having the former Dealer become a supplier of building products “windows” to cover up the fact that the Mitsubishi was ever turned into that place of business, which now “never existed” and that this in turn is a clever records alteration scheme to demonstrate being in a single location “hiding” and trying to take credit for being elsewhere and that this will in turn pass for “legitimacy”. Only “Society’s” types will accept such nonsense, as “credibility” for their motto is anything goes it can be covered-up down the road. Other actual evidence is needed to afford legitimacy other than residing in a “protected fantasy world”, where “real” qualifications, standards etc., are not needed, only stealing from others. This post documents how the Mitsubishi was purchased by trading in the Mazda for the SUV once plans had changed. What this post omitted is the fact that and out of pocket total in the amount of seventy-three dollars and thirty cents ($73.30 - see the below included photo - on COMMENTS Page) was needed to complete this transaction’s purchase. Altering historical records and closing businesses alone among “Society’s” types is not the path to “legitimacy”; there is “real” world that sometimes requires more than a wink and a nod to grant “authenticity”. A con artist even a protected one cannot be in Iowa on July 18, 1988 according to reports and SEC filings (in one identity) and at the same time pretend that you were elsewhere purchasing Mazda (in a different identity), even Houdini could not pull that off.