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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


To most today, in our made for television “society”, if it appears to be, it is assumed to be just that. However, making major decisions based on what soothes is never good policy; whether its for a “big ticket” item or some other selection or choice between two, a decision should never be made because of what appeals because the soothing type product is usually not what it’s presented to be. For example, given the choice, what appears to be a “made for TV” alternative in the choice between two, if a cross-sectional view is gained, may in fact turn out to be a completely crude quilt held together by layers of “woolen” type complicated, “virtual” links, unrealistic connections and unmet production target outputs; as oppose to the alternative comprised of a large bundle of blossoms of the type of multi-faceted collection from among those whom our society may label, but the former may be selected because only the “made for television” side only is seen.

Similarly, words in a comment to a post made earlier by me to the effect that “who really knows what is hunkering beneath that operation” were chosen very carefully and should never be assumed to convey something other than what was meant, that is why determining through discovery what is being conveyed is so very important. Unearthing the facts involves finding out exactly what is being conveyed before forming opinions, a practice not employed by those whose object is typically to steer others in a specific direction chosen by them in an effort to demonstrate that “they have nothing to hide”. This business model discussed in that Comment appears to perfectly fit the lifestyle of a former Engineering (work) colleague and his spouse ideally. Therefore to find this lifestyle turned into a business and by another led me to the conclusion made, wondering aloud, where did the idea originate? This is due to the fact that I have learned over the years from experience not to believe in coincidences and knowing the penchant for some with “two faces” to assume the history of others in unimaginable ways, in an effort to demonstrate legitimacy including selected acquaintances, and pilfer ideas along the way, have been learned is possible to "create" by "Society's" types .

In addition, I am also aware of an unpretentious lady who if placed in the same situation as outlined in the description above between the two alternatives may appear at first glance to be the type of individual who would not be chosen by our “Society’s” Moguls and other powers that be, to even allow her to enter the “finals”; but if given the appropriate opportunity and connections, would rise to the occasion.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that decisions made by assuming what is being conveyed by the cover alone is never good policy, furthermore inquiries should always be made to determine what is being conveyed, it is the ONLY respectful course to chart regardless of the chorus of “Society’s” types who are usually disrespectful and loud in their opposition to anything or anyone who upsets their neatly packaged perpetual wealth-generating “virtual” world. NEVER JUDGE BY THE COVER ALONE, ALWAYS TRY TO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE, EVEN IF BY THE UNSPOKEN DETAILS CONVEYED, WHICH CAN AND DO “SAY” A GREAT DEAL MORE THAN WHAT IS DESIRED TO BE PROJECTED.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Where did this practice of hiding behind the identity of others (ironically branded with such terms as, “virtual” identities and/or possessing “two faces” on this Blog’s Pages), to achieve “instant” accomplishments and access to “magical” family branches as well as “automatic” financial histories originate? These “Society’s” types are so adept at this that it cannot be new to them, because the techniques used are very well rehearsed. How can a glimpse be obtained into such well-crafted practices by such a secretive collection of thugs, thieves, liars & “stage hands” (or accident "stagers")? To really gain an insight into such techniques that classic by R. L. Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde must first be examined, because in this work, the exploits of this individual with “two faces” one good and the other evil are examined in detail to demonstrate how such an existence could be possible, successfully. The modern day “Society’s” types mastered the interpretation of this classic to make it relevant for these times, since the underlying theme in this work is the fact that one of the “faces” must be evil for the other public “face” to be successful. This type of existence, would necessitate the motto adopted by such types, “as long as in the end it works out, then the means are all worth it, because it can covered up down the road”, because covering-up is very cleverly implemented. However, where did the modern day inception of such types blossom, the following is an effort to understand this method of living adopted by some by choice for an easier life and “forced” on others from whom something desired is needed for their existence. For example, those who have usurped the identity of another necessarily have to find a method to “imprison” the individual from whom the identity is taken (with the most likely being the threat of financial obligations). Such threats are meaningless because, the identity absconders have taken flight with the financial history of the individual, therefore, if the history of such has been taken over, how can the individual be threatened with the ability to repay financial obligations that are impossible under the circumstances, which have been placed upon such an individual (a history no longer at his disposal). These are the clever types of methods used by these modern “Society’s” types to achieve their objectives. In addition, if the individual were to move from the location where such types desire such an individual to be to support their existence, (where control can be easily exerted), chaos would result, due to the fact that the identity (ravished for “Society’s” type to survive) would show up being used elsewhere and this must be avoided at all costs.

To find a working example of this “Society” a snapshot of a single insert from the online article about a certain Mogul from January 2000 removed from the CONSERVERY CHALLENGE Page (as documented) is examined more closely for any clues. The second paragraph of this article (not depicted in the insert included but removed on 10/30/2012), states that this venerable investor, then 69 made his first investment at age 11 and eventually took over a New England based “down-on-its-luck” textile maker in 1965. This would place the occurrence of that memorable event circa 1942 in the middle of WWII (or the year following the USA entry into the war). During the times depicted, life in society was turned upside down, since the able-bodied males were being called up for service and/or away fighting either in Europe or in the Pacific and females were entering the workforce in droves because the able bodied males were involved in the War effort in some manner. Somehow this enterprising young lad of “eleven” “found” the funds, (which were not plentiful during those post “Depression” years that was ended only by the U.S.’s involvement in the War, since salaries were hard to come by). However, the eleven (11) year-old lad had the insight during those “dark” times to “invest” (or purchase stock). This sounds as if it’s a “whopper” to me personally or maybe a more likely scenario was that this enterprising individual developed “two faces” at some point in time to account for his fortunes that enabled him to eventually take over a “down-on-its-luck” textile maker in 1965 and turned it into what it is today. This would also help to explain his “love” for those types found in the “Society” (described earlier). His practice of taking “down-on-their-luck” entities and/or individual’s assets can only go thus far, after a while there can only be so many “down-on-their-luck” entities or individuals to “salvage”. On the other hand, if this Mogul with the penchant for acquiring such decided to keep up this practice (by bringing about the circumstances needed to place targets in the desired condition), a steady source of “down-on-their-luck” entities could be made available for him to usurp as needed. This reveals another aspect of “Society’s” types they are always in positions to “take over” something targeted, never are they found “working” their way up anything. And if such “working their way up the corporate ladder” stories are published, they cannot be substantiated because their “two-faces” needed for legitimacy requires omnipresence elsewhere for their desperately needed “legitimate” identities (see Days 32 and 33 from the CONSERVERY CHALLENGE Page). As a result, financial and other crises that “coincidentally” occur either man-made or “naturally” occurring are potentially a windfall for such a “Mogul Usurper” [see the highlighted section of the updated post COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS - UPDATED (10/30/2012)]. It must be also pointed out that not all “down-on-their-luck” scenarios may be noticeable, some may be figurative and/or more subtle in nature, which those in need of being rescued would be gladly willing to do whatever their “white knight” desired to avoid disaster. Either way the objective will be achieved, namely acquisition of something targeted about an entity or individual(s) that is deemed critical for the “empire” of this Mogul (see the highlighted section of the updated post ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE - UPDATED). In the end, it must be remembered that not all situations (or individuals) can be disrespected, taken over and covered-up as worthless because a Mogul so wishes. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?


This is a follow-up to the posts CRISES INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER as well as HOW IS ACCCIDENT INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER COMPLETED?  The answer to the introductory question lies in the manner in which, the accompanying events developed as follows: 1) the “accident” victim just qualifies for medical benefits as an intern just (weeks) prior to the event at a major Employer, 2) an Officer “coincidentally” is involved in and is a witness to the “accident”, 3) they were coincidentally a total of forty-eight (48) minor accidents and one (1) critical “accident” on the date in question, 4) immediately following the “accident” the local Police Chief retires, 5) two individuals are placed in charge of the local Police force in the interim, 6) the “accident” victim who suffers from traumatic brain injury is NEVER interviewed by anyone connected with the on-going investigation, 7) the Chief of Police position is filled finally approximately seven (7) months after the “accident” and 8) the brain injured victim whose life is severely altered is “imprisoned” with the unpaid expenses and recurring aftermath of the injuries.

Under these circumstances, the “accident” appears to be more consistent with the pattern for State sponsored identity transfer, (see the post HOW DOES STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT WORK?), and as a result, the following two-part question is central; why did the authorities not interview the victim and was any other individual interviewed in place of the “actual” victim for this accident? The “real” answer to this 2-part question will determine whether or not State Sponsored Identity Transfer has taken place, allowing “Society’s” types to walk away with an identity while imprisoning the “actual” victim with recurring expenses, which she is trying to pass onto others because of her condition. What a “novel” manner to attempt to imprison another with a financial burden. “Society’s” types never cease to amaze when it comes to “imprisoning” with financial obligations created by their action, while escaping with “new” identities, “new” wealth and without “new” injuries in the myriad of accidents they are apparently so fond of “creating” to continually attempt relive and/or recreate another accident from distant shores from long ago (see Days 32 and 33 from the CONSERVERY CHALLENGE Page). The answer to this question posed at the outset, is when the events allow identity theft to occur in support of an illegal redistribution scheme that enable a TITAN, MOGUL, ARBITER OF “THRUTH” and OPPORTUNISTIC SUPPORTER to continue their perpetual wealth-generating means.




Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER’S IDENTITY, to first point out who “you” refers to as well as the extent to, which “Society’s” types and their supporters go in an effort to “establish” legitimacy at the expense of others, by immersing themselves into any and all potential established links/agencies in society that help establish identity in order to bolster their private alter egos. Eventually, these types will supplant the legitimate individual(s) because of the extent to, which they go in their effort to control all aspects of society’s avenues for maintaining law, order and authority.

To examine the results of this methodology if any random numbers are selected and for ease of effort the numbers 33 are chosen, also let’s suppose that a (two-faced) “Society’s” type individual is associated with these numbers (see the post the HOW IS ACCIDENT INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER COMPLETED?), the intricacies of how this mechanism is entangled will be the focus here. The practices are used by such types because they appear to have a fetish for “piggy backing” to brandish legitimacy. Since these “Society’s” types have will only encountered those they are using for legitimacy much later, backdating records is a favorite tool (see the post HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD?) to alter historical records, etc., because with the “unlimited” resources at their availability this can be accomplished. Let us examine school records, if you have records of your school attendance, they are prime property because evidence of attendance at a higher institution of learning is a targeted prize such because they are typically placed in “prized” positions (such as CEO’s, Boards of Directors, Political Office holders, etc.). Since my social security number was my identity number while attending college, that can’t and only a single number can be assigned to one individual this cannot be usurped. However, records can be expunged to remove evidence of attendance with the appropriate connections/contributions and financial records can taken over to attempt to establish “legitimacy” for ANY fraud desired by way of the illegal redistribution schemes implemented by “Society’s” types to provide “legitimacy” for members of their “club” (see the CHALLENGE VIDEO on the CONSERVERY’S CHALLENGE Page). However, my alumni number (0081833), first issued in 2011 if carefully examined will provide evidence of these same two numbers (see the below photo). In addition, when a copy of my diploma was requested in 1999 (since the original was never

Alumni ID Card from 2011
recovered from amongst personal belongings placed in storage when moving from Connecticut to Vermont in 1989), the container was received with the envelope addressed in the following zip code (53320), even though nothing provided included this “incorrect” zip code format, (see photos included below, which shows the corrected address code).

Address Envelope With Replacement Diploma With Address Enlarged

Check From 6/3/1999 For Payment of Replacement Diploma


I am a legal permanent resident and in a way this provided the perfect backdrop for the identity switching that have taken place. My choice not to pursue citizenship was a personal one and should not have been exploited by those seeking to legitimize fraud and “perpetual” wealth generating schemes to cover-up the events that occurred in Vermont in the late 1980’s/early 1990s (see the post THE COVER-UP IS MORE COSTLY THAN THE ORIGINAL ACTION). However, to justify this deception after relocating to this State in 1991, when my now ex spouse finally applied for her Driver License after the purchase of the 1989 Silverado from the then Schoon’s Dealership (see the post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005 ARBITRARILY), it coincidentally was the number xxxxxxx33 ending in these two carefully selected numbers, “randomly” chosen for her, and this is the significance of the form of address Mr. & Mrs. James (F.) Brazant, when applied to my former spouse and I, signifying that both identities (see below photo)

Former Insurance Agent's Mailing Envelope of 1/31/2012
are being relied upon to provide a member of their “club” with “legitimacy. How else could a “Society’s” type with no fixed identity, demonstrate “legitimacy” and citizenship’s, except by “piggy backing” to a New Yorker, with "cherry picked" convenient records? Ultimately, for such a scheme to be successful, the “Society’s” type has to be embellished (externally) in the location centrally important to where these original events occurred (especially since the individual does not have any “real” connection to this location). These adornments took place towards the end of the 20thCentury (see the post SOCIALLMEDIA ISSUES - AN EXAMPLE OF RECONCILIATION - UPDATE). However, in order for any “Society’s” type person to also“demonstrate” a connection to a family member, a U.S. citizen to reinforce citizenship, my daughter’s Driver License also includes these carefully selected numbers while ending in her mother’s birth year, in this manner xxxxx33xx.

Finally, when I “coincidentally” received notice from my former employer in 2011 indicating that I was underpaid in my Cash Balance Pension Plan when l received such after my lay off from the Company in 2002, a method had to be put in place to enable any “Society’s” type reliant on these numbers for tax filing “legitimacy” (at my expense) would still be able to file tax returns “legally” even though I would be filing as well. The process eventually used is an example of how well these “Society’s” types are entrenched in the various branches of society’s mechanisms, resulting in the subtle manipulating of the Tax code to provide any such individual(s) with the advance knowledge that taxes would still be filed in the style of this typical“piggy backer” and others using private alter egos especially since such types are uncomfortable with surprises (for obvious reasons). In the end, the method chosen conveys a great deal about the character of the Society without of a word have to be written to convey the thoughts behind it; namely the number 37 was “coincidentally” included in the 2011 Tax Filing Instructions for Form 1040 on separate occasions a total of two hundred and thirty three (233) times in various formations (see the posts ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS as well as THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY). In the end how, these Society’s” types ultimately were able to file taxes “legally” was by stealing my State Tax Refund check that had been cashed. Here also a method had to included to convey to such a “Society’s” type that stealing the check would be permitted, (see the below photo of State Refund Check # 20312563) in, which carefully concealed are the

State Tax Refund Check # 20312563 With Administrative Nos. Highlighted


two "random" numbers administratively placed in this format 33-72; again giving notice to the extent, which such types are entangled in society’s various branches for ensuring Authority, irrespective of the level (see the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK). IF ONLY A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IS ABLE TO COMPREHEND THE VAST NETWORKING CAPABILITY OF THESE “SOCIETY’S” TYPES, AS A RESULT OF THIS OUTLINE FROM THIS “RANDOM” NUMBER SELECTED; THEN THIS EFFORT WILL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.   



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is a follow-up to the previous post CRISES INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER to demonstrate how this “Society’s” types utilize time to complete their identity switching schemes, after ensuring that the valid holder of an identity is “labeled” in their system in order to carry out their long-range, well choreographed switch (see comment # 1 of 10/6/2012 on the post COMMENTS Page as well as the post MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS). I am getting ahead of the events, but let me back-up to reinforce what is actually taking place, the individual with a well established record (see the below accomplishments) who experienced a


traumatic brain injury as a result of a still unsolved “accident” and who is left a diminished form of her old self, is rehired by the original entity that hired her initially but now in some minor role (of only a few hours per day to convey that this was always this individual’s normalcy) to be classified as “handicapped” while some “Society’s” type impostor is also hired on the payroll of the same Organization, in a Management role in the same identity, to demonstrate legitimacy at the expense of the legitimate individual (but conveying that this was always this individual’s personality). Once this is implemented all the individual’s accomplishments can be transferred because she has now been officially classified in the “Society’s” highly ethical method of demonstrating legitimacy). This is a practice for, which the term IDENTITY MASKING applies; it is made famous by “Society’s” types and involves two different individuals being on the payroll of an Organization in the same identity but in vastly different roles. Typically, the individual in the elevated position is an impostor or “Society’s” type seeking an identity and the other individual in the other (lesser) role is the legitimate individual. In time the legitimate individual will be laid off and the records expunged to cover up what really occurred. To such, legitimacy requires “two faces” one public face and another private face and truth is whatever is convenient (see the post GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF LEGITIMACY), while the Court system has been reduced to providing legitimacy to “Society’s” types through Class Action Suits in recognition of their authenticity (see the post ONE OF THE “SOCIETY’S” FAVORITE MECHANISMS FOR ID VALIDATION), not by actually attending an actual case (even if carefully numbered, such as Brazants Divorce CDDM # 001638). The untold resources at the availability of the “Society’s” types ensures that anything can be covered up, making a mockery of these Elements (or Agencies) of society unless they are being used to further the “Society’s” cause.  If they ("Society's" types) are able to pull this off, the transfer will have been completed and validation proved by their form of deceitful validation [see the post MISREPRESENTATION DEFINED (FOR THE RECORD) - AMENDED.]


Saturday, October 13, 2012


This topic is an update of the previous post ONE PECULIAR COMPLEXITY OF SOME RELATIONSHIPS, to take a look back at the subject matter, which led to this Blog’s inception for some added insight, as appropriate. Furthermore it is being dedicated to a specific individual(s) who may have experienced such and has(have) not allowed the experience to introduce sufficient doubt of the type that concludes, “all of this class are the same”, and in this manner prevent the hope of renewed “life” (or companionship - see included photo) that comes around


every spring (for some or at some special time in the fall for others), is kept meaningful”.

In relationship’s, it is not always possible to tell at the outset, whom you are becoming involved with, and the added tools available in today’s society, where individuals can transform themselves with a click, complicating the process, it is not made any easier. Simply put, some have mastered the art of masking their “real” personalities as others have mastered the practice of identity switching. For such types, relationships as everything else in life is simply a “game”, irrespective if whose life (or lives) are “torn” apart, and/or ravished along the way, as long as their objectives are fulfilled.
These individuals are not always readily apparent and it is often downright difficult to tell whether a genteel individual(s) has(have) been encountered or a “pig” masquerading in chameleon-like attire. They are characterized by being knowledgeable on “all” matters no matter the subject and must have the last word, always. Those who have had the misfortune of becoming involved with such, have to careful not to become drawn into their misguided and distorted view of such individuals and treat others in the manner as have been experienced. An example would be to become deceived into also believing that having the last word is an indication of strength or victory and in turn treat others in this same fashion because of having been coerced into believing that this is the norm. Some with this trait are not above embarking on the display of “dramatic scenes”, whether its tears or some other type of melodrama, as log as it serves their objectives, no matter what!
Eventually the realization sinks in that the individual(s) or personality types being dealt with is (are) nothing more than“street-wise” personality (personalities) that have conquered the end justifies the means syndrome that many has been tricked into believing is justifiable, whether in business or personal life, (see the post CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY? Remember investments as used in this context can be a metaphor for any similar situation). After dealings with personality types such as these, it must always be remembered that hope can be compared to the life, which can be relied on in the spring or fall to either flourish in all the ways that we were meant to be or “hide” as some of nature's types do instead of facing “life” unimpeded. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO RISE ABOVE AND “STEP OUT” OF THIS SYNDROME WILL TRULY BE ABLE TO LIVE THEIR LIFE OUT OF THE SHADOWS OF ANY OTHER, AS THEY WERE MEANT TO BE.    

Friday, October 12, 2012


What are they? To “Society’s” types they the basis for their use of private alter egos, and/or if such identities are used openly, the “Society’s” types have to relocate from their main place of residence where they are known in their public identity to some newly created ideally chosen location, to justify their obtained “heritages”.

Consistent with my position to not include anything on this Blog's Pages that in anyway contributed to the mangling of my identity the previous Entry was removed with its carefully duplicitous information for entries 646 and 248.

Now it only stands to reason that if these selected heritages added to this area’s rolls after my layoff in 2002 were actually valid, why would there be the need to commit mail fraud to demonstrate social security “legitimacy" as well as check fraud (see the posts

Examples of these “CRUTCHES” are summarized on the
CONSERVERY CHALLENGE Page, specifically on Days Sixteen and Seventeen. “Society’s” types have written the “book” on “IDENTITY CRUTCHES” without, which they cannot function in their private alter egos. The number one (1) “CRUTCH” is the brandishing of financial capability as a means of justifying their use of their borrowed private identities. If any situation arises that questions their private alter egos, their number one reaction is to order some product or service in their alter ego for delivery near to the central address being used as a cover for their identity switching masquerade, Most likely these checks may even have this address on them in this alter ego because this address is central to this masquerade, since, it’s the only location where an individual and his children the only “real” bearers of this identity reside, this is why the financial history of the actual identity holder is commandeered (see the posts CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY in addition to MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS). Another favorite is what I term the “Las Vegas Avenue”, where snippets from the actual heritage/accomplishments of the actual identity holder is recreated in the areas by these “Society’s” types masquerading in their privates alter egos to justify their borrowed identities (see the post THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL SOCIETY). These types and their supporters are heavy gamblers, but not in the traditional venue legally established for such, they have created a new gambling mechanism in society, free of the regulations or constraints established by the Code for such, and they actually believe that it can be pulled off as long as they are able to duplicate anything that is known in order that their pseudo “gambling” world can continue its existence. Investment types are very “big” on their “Las Vegas Ave type Society’s” and in maintaining the “face” of legitimacy and will go to great lengths to ensure that their carefully controlled facade is not upended. This will help to understand in some manner, their fetish with being NUMBER ONE (1) AT ALL COSTS, namely to help maintain outwardly that there are holders of whatever it is they are brandishing. In order to ensure that they are not surprised, these “Crutches” however, can be very subtle as well, such as obtaining the guise of legitimacy in their alter egos by their abuse of the Class Action Suits mechanism as a vehicle for “Court” approved legitimacy (see the post ONE OF THE SOCIETY’S FAVORITE MECHANISMS FOR IDENTITY VALIDATION). In addition, something as subtle as a service provided to any specific class of individuals by a State agency in this private alter ego can also be co opted for use as an “Identity Crutch”.

Finally, it must be pointed out that such methods can only gain existence in a society where the brandishing of financial success alone (regardless of the means to that end), is actually idolized or have seduced society at large into believing, is something to be admired and pursued. In closing, the central point of this post is to make it be known that all these “SOCIETY’S” type “CRUTCHES” have one main objective, the validation of the “second face” (or private alter ego) of “society’s” types”, without, which they cannot exist.


Friday, October 5, 2012


I have discovered over the years that the method used by many to redress “wrongs” have become corrupted by those types seeking a measure of “legitimacy” for their alter egos. The Class Action Suit is perfect for “Society’s” types because it enables involvement in a legal (or Court) proceeding as part of a large group activity, without involvement individually. I became tired of the endless number of such suits that came to this address (8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA) over the years for products and services in my name, some of, which I never purchased, while others I did. However, one common theme that marked all such notices, I never received any notification of the settlement outcome from any of the Suits, which I received notice as being a party to. Therefore, for those thinking and “fighting” for such legal status as a means of redressing “wrongs”, please note that this method has been co-opted by the “Society’s” types as their main means of identity validation. I am not going to names in this matter to avoid providing a measure of vindication for those profiting (or benefiting) from this dirty little “scam” that enables them a measure of demonstrating validation by the “courts” and by this manner identity possession “in a group”, which has been “validated by the courts”. The result is that this in turn allows for the establishing of financial accounts in the name being co-opted, whose accounts will ultimately be closed and the financial history sought will be gained at the expense of those who the “Society’s” types see as MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS. Therefore, to those who have been seduced into thinking that demonstrating financial capability is the only measure of legitimacy, this is an ideal (or “foolproof”) method (see the post NUMBER ONE (1) AT ALL COSTS). The only Class Action that will be identified in parody form is that of the long-time insurance Provider from, which products were purchased over the years that have a slogan, which sounds like “GONE SORE HIDE” but was not retained as my Provider once my Divorce activity well set into motion, for obvious reasons.
This path for such types is the best of both of their worlds; since it enables them to claim “legal” cover (or face) for their covert identities as a group, while maintaining their public face that they are known by (these have given new meaning to the term “TWO-FACED”). It is for this reason that “Society’s” types cannot produce anything that requires “stand alone” validation, their sole weakness. For validation purposes, as long as you produce any type of authentic evidence, it can and will be duplicated by such types, with access to the untold resources of the supporters in their “Group”. In addition, if validation requires the support of anything at all, “Society’s” types will demonstrate “legitimacy” as long as it is known. It is because of my experiences with routinely being inundated with such suits, that my aversion to “ClassActionSuitSociety’s” mania was coined Retroactively into the Proprietorship’s Administrative Operating Guideline as criterion iv (see Authorization iv in the below composite photo of the Conservery's Admin Policy).