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Sunday, January 8, 2012


This post is being updated to highight the selected section. Can you image the consequences of what took place with the removal of records from, my email folders? They were "wiped” clean of any trace of the applicable records (see Another Reason for Excluding Locations From Consideration... ). At approximately 1:00 pm on 1/7/2012, the Stone Canyon Ranch email records were specifically reviewed and upon checking back an hour or so later, the records had become “ghosts”. The consequences of the availability of such equipment in the hands of “virtual” thieves and their Supporters are quite chilling.
For example, such equipment if applied to bank files could be used to “wipe” various account records clean, stealing from the institutions and leaving them on the “hook” to cover-up their escapades. How could such actions be carried out in today’s social networking society, especially with “new” financial institutions regulations (Dodd-Frank) in place since the “Meltdown”? Well, suppose this “virtual” society network is so firmly entrenched, especially among senior executives at various institutions (including Financial types); then the institutions would be forced to cover-up these losses rather than threaten the exposure of such high level impostors in their executive ranks. In my opinion, it would appear that there is no coincidence that the financial meltdown occurred, because individuals with access to such equipment during such a scenario (of confusion), would be able to abscond with “billions” that taxpayers were “left holding the bag” for.
These individuals always appear to have funds to keep up their advertising regimen, to give the appearance of legitimate activity. Who would suspect them of being thugs, robbers, violent crime perpetrators, etc., when they are always advertising as if carrying out legitimate activity? The point to remember is, these individuals with “virtual” identities do not in reality have any legitimate skills, because their backgrounds are borrowed, so in reality, how are they really acquiring resources, it only stands to reason, that it must be from illegal activity, and THIS IS WHY THE CREDIBLE BACKGROUNDS OF OTHERS ARE REALLY NEEDED. That is why the backers of this “virtual” society provide these individuals with their “virtual” identities, because in turn they benefit financially from these impostors who have to constantly spend their ill-gotten resources “to purchase” the cloak” of legitimacy. IN REALITY NO ONE OUTSIDE OF THE “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY REALLY KNOW HOW THESE IMPOSTORS ACQUIRE RESOURCES.

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