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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Before answering that question, I just want to take the time to mention for those who may have wondered why I never chose to become a naturalize citizen and after the allotted time set out after becoming a permanent resident (circa 1990’s before relocating to Iowa) this process was examined. However, in all fairness after reviewing the criteria, which included renouncing ties to your place of birth, (which I took literally and was unsure how this could be implemented, I decided against going forward and pretending outwardly that all ties to the land of my birth could somehow be severed with the waving of “magic wand”). My choice was not made out of “arrogance” as some have suggested, but out of regard for your process and not wanting to convey that my “roots” could be severed whimsically. This did not prevent me from giving back to society when I was in a position to (see the Description of the The Lighthouse Project Corporation On the Conservery Proprietorship Page) and am still doing it in another manner by this Blog. Having experienced the methods (see ARBITRARY ACTION, OR IS IT?) of “citizens” considered pillars of the society; I am not concerned with being considered an outsider in the land of my chosen residence.

Who really are these individuals that have set themselves up as “Emperors of Commerce” in this “…land of the free and home of the brave…”? In theory, economic success is supposed to be open to anyone, but in practice, this is far from reality, for unless the “rules” of these “Gatekeepers” are played by, you are excluded from the “game” and replaced by “virtual” types selected and “installed” by these “Emperors”, whose only criterion is absolute loyalty to them. These types are so enamored with colonial times that they have ushered in a form “rule’ that ensures (THE ABSOLUTELY MONARCHY REVISITED) rules again. From previous posts, sufficient detail about the modus operandi of the “virtual” society and its methods have been uncovered to give a glimpse into the character of these titans, as follows:    
With the above description, enough of a glimpse has been provided to enable these “Emperors of Commerce” to be revealed with the following description: 1) are enamored with the colonial British absolute monarchy-ruled times, 2) these “Fodders” of society could have long family histories in business enough to outwardly command (demand) respect, 3) may have business interests in multiple business sectors to enable credibility for “virtual” types to become a reality while relying on a mascot with a phony British accent in large measure. If these descriptions fit any individual, entity, etc., then these “Titans of Business” are revealed for the system being propped up for the benefit of a few and at the expense of many. IT IS MY HOPE THAT THIS CONTRIBUTION MAY ENABLE AN ALTERNATE SYSTEM TO BE ESTABLISHED TO ENABLE THE PROUD WORDS WRITTEN INTO THIS COUNTRY’S CULTURE “…THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE…” TO REALLY MEAN WHAT IT REPRESENTS, BECAUSE IF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS UNDER SIEGE, THEN THE POLITICAL SYSTEM OR PROCESS, (WHICH IS FUNDED BY THE BUSINESS SECTOR TO A LARGE EXTENT), WILL PERISH.

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J_F_Brazant said...

Those two (2)Gatekeepers "revealed" DO NOT represent an exhustive listing. They are a few others in this "exclusive" realm who are constntly promoting alternate relocation places other than those identified in the CONSERVERY BASIS FOR EVALUATING/EXCLUDING LOCATIONS listing, via one Questionable means or another.