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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In our society, if time is taken to examine its structure, it can be honestly stated the in some cases conditions have come full circle (360 degrees) and we are confronted with corporations today that “act” in a manner similar to the days when the Founders of the USA fought against to gain independence. At that time, the mantra, which brought everything to a head was “no taxation without representation”, however, today when corporations and other entities have their “virtual” society of individuals who are rotated amongst the various companies in a closed circle of “executives”, thereby ensuring that the status quo will be maintained; the slogan should be “operations without virtual conventions”. In reality, this means that those companies, which exist by relying on: “virtual” executives, “virtual” salaries (not really paid), “virtual” profits and as a result, “virtual” accounting should be made to cease functioning. In addition, for those organizations that fall into this categsory, their “true” operations and their resulting income is not readily transparent (see ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE). Furthermore, the practices condoned by these entities that are “above the law”, mirrors those activities carried out by the “Absolute Monarchy” of Colonial times. When a Company hires you, and then the Organization switches your identity, divides it up amongst its impostors in their “virtual” world, and you are “imprisoned financially”, the activities of Colonial times (when the undesirables were transported to the Colonies), are truly the rule of the day.
These entities are never caught because they have become arrogant and act with impunity (see ON GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS) and either: 1) replace individuals with other “virtual” individuals, or 2) merge into a larger entity becoming even more powerful and “out of reach”, as well as 3) reinvent themselves in other ways, such as becoming a “different company” either by change of name or by switching products sold. I AM HAVING DIFFICULTY DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN THE OPERATIONS OF THE "VIRTUAL" CORPORATIONS OF TODAY’S SOCIETY AND THOSE OF THE ABSOLUTE MONARCHY OF COLONIAL TIMES BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW UNFAIR THE TAXES WERE, THE MONARCHY OF THAT DAY NEVER ADMITTED TO MAKING A MISTAKE; NEITHER DOES THE "VIRTUAL" ENTITIES OF TODAY, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY LAWS ARE BROKEN/CRUSHED ALONG THE WAY, UP TO AND INCLUDING, MAIL FRAUD, INFORMATION/MONEY ORDER/CHECK SWITCHING, ETC. TO PROVE LEGITIMACY.

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