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Monday, December 5, 2011


The interconnecting networks of routers and servers, etc., which comprise the Internet has made it relatively easy to proliferate identity theft scams successfully. In today’s quick turn-around purchases mentality, which is perfect for those with the desire to hide their fraudulently obtained identities, who tend to live “virtual identities” the Internet has become a “safe haven” for masking their dual existences. 
My identity was targeted and the ensuing events appear to demonstrate that there was an intentional aspect to the developments once the dots are connected, as follows : 1) My Job Offer letter dated May 5, 1991 was issued without a reference number (as required) and 2) once started, and sometime after my start date, an idea was submitted to participate in the then Employee Suggestion Award Program (in December, 1991.) The response received back in a letter received on January 21, 1992 was dated January 17, 1991, which I initially thought was a typo. However, with all the developments that occurred and the distribution (to all the Plant senior Management), the letter received, I have come to close the door to that theory. I remained with that Company through December 2000 and on January 1, 2001 all employees were made contract employees, by turning all workers over to an intermediate Company who in turn laid me off in March, 2002. My response to the lay-Off letter of February 18, 2002 was documented in the letter dated February 19, 2002. I was laid of under the guise of an Optimization (efficiency) Plan, which was not valid because I was already the only individual carrying the specific functions that I was responsible for. What the Company was telling me and was whispering (carefully in a stealth campaign), behind my back was that they discovered after hiring me that I had questionable qualifications. This was NOT possible, because I had been subjected to multiple background checks upfront as required in all Nuclear facilities. I discovered that this was the case after being laid off and applying for multiple part-time activities to permit me to carry out my Proprietorship’s activities and getting the same “treatment/looks” repeatedly.
Once laid off I started receiving at my address, the name of one “fictional James B. Brazant, individual”. This name was not a mere casual selection, but a “carefully selected” name that had been a typo on business cards (shown below) for a business established as

Northeastern Structures to ultimately finance the not-for-profit, The Lighthouse Project Corporation’s grass-roots activities in New Haven with my then Hamden residence as the base for all these ventures.
To digress here, it must be pointed out all belongings were placed in storage prior to relocating to Vermont from Connecticut in 1989. However, none of the type of personal identification documents such as: social security cards, university diploma/certificates, original marriage license, Passport and copies of Federal Tax records for 1982 through 1987, were ever recovered.
Since leaving Vermont on 1/1/1991 attempts have been made to replace these documents, which still has never been totally accomplished. The first document attempted to be replaced while at a transitional residence was social security information (SSI), and the application is shown below, which was the same format as used originally.

The above application shows the same form of my name was used in applying for the replacement as the original card received, but the SS card was issued in my full legal name (shown below). Little did I realize it at the time but this was the beginning of the mangling

of my identity and implied that this was the first occasion on, which I had applied for a card. It was only after being bombarded with the mailings for the “fictional individual” that it was decided to change the SSI information and the letter (shown below), dated January 26, 2005 was initiated to start the

process. To my surprise, THE FORM LETTER to the “fictional individual” was received from the HHS department DATED FEBRUARY 17, 2005, implying that my letter had been altered to give this fictional ID “life” after being mailed here from my Olin residence. (This date, 17th was carefully selected to TIE THIS LETTER TO MY EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION AWARD PROGRAM LETTER of 1992, WITH FICTIONAL DATE OF JANUARY 17TH 1991, showing that the date was DEFINITELY NOT a typo.) Afterwards, this “fictional name” has been commonly mailed to this residence for identity switching purposes regardless of my attempts to address this identity fraud at the “highest levels”.
These individuals have “virtual identities” because they are not known openly in the Community by these fake names but they receive mail, carry out on-line purchases/Internet transactions in these fake name/identities. It is because of the proliferation/common-place use of on-line financial activities/transactions that these imposters are able to live their dual or “virtual” lives, who all appear to find themselves on the street where I reside to carry out their questionable purchases/activities, by using phone spoofing, “tapping into” our wireless Internet, service whether computerized or mobile with their “well financed equipment for carrying out illegal activities. They appear to have both financial and political support at the highest levels, as the correspondence received (shown below).

This Response Clearly Indicates that Mail Fraud Ocurred, Since MY Letter Shown Above Did Not Include the Name of Any Fictitious Individuals (That Had Been Copied From a Mistake on Business Cards Inserted in "Taxpayer's Copy" Form Included Above).

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