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Saturday, December 31, 2011


My on-going divorce proceedings are well under way and apparently, hopefully moving towards completion. In addition, I have received the annual State Tax and Use business form for Conservery for resubmittal to the State by 1/31/2011. I have NO plans to show Conservery operations in Iowa going forward when the form is mailed back to the State. In the meantime, I am also evaluating temporary (short-term) housing locations/arrangements for me until my business relocation affairs are fully implemented as I cannot remain here (at the current office/residence location), because the tenseness of the state of the (divorce) proceedings are such that it is better for me to be removed and it is just the best thing overall; especially starting off the New Year. All my belongings are packed mostly, except for my clothes and other absolute essentials. If anyone is aware of any short-term locations (outside Iowa) that I can utilize, please pass them on, as I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. – 12/31/2011

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