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Friday, December 9, 2011


This subject matter was intended to be a comment to Virtual Relationships: a Subset of Social Networking Relationships but the included link necessitated otherwise. When it is decided to live with a “virtual” identity by choice at the expense of another, it’s impossible to think all the scenarios/unintended consequences through. Therefore, the following is a list of developments I have discovered because my predicament was not by choice: 1) you are imposing yourself into the existence of another whose permission was not obtained, & surprise @ a totally unwanted reaction should be expected, 2) by “imprisoning” another financially for your own financial gain, you have also chosen to “imprison” yourself to the individual’s every action, 3) communications are not to be used in reaction to attempt to prove legitimacy at my expense (in activities such as land-line for spoofing & mobile phones/computer internet, social media accounts, for manipulating information etc.). 4) Those living such existences seek direct or indirect incessant advertising as their means of attempting to “prove” legitimacy often from Organizations who are aiding either wittingly or unwittingly in their “virtual” existences by benefiting from their AD buys. 5) Continuously meddling by assuming that all events are going to work out according to their manipulative practices is a demonstration of unparalleled arrogance & an attempt to play “god” in the life of another. 6) Just because all the properties (shown) surrounding 8263 140th Avenue, Olin, IA 52320 have either been taken over or have “dwellers” who have assumed “virtual” identities, does NOT give anyone the right to assume that the “smoke & mirrors virtual” residence games played by those surrounding & their connections includes me by default, & finally 7) just because my “Brother” in Barbados and the impostor "posing" as my sister, June are also “on-board”, by their own choosing, should NOT lead anyone to the “natural” conclusion that I am also “on-board” with this identity switching “quid pro quo” arrangement, by default.

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