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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This Post is my way of personally, openly offering an apology to the Secretary for the offer transmitted on July 15, 2011 as conveyed via the Conservery Enhanced News Computer Printout of 7/9/2011, copy below. This is in NO way intended to be a reflection on the skills of this Highly Reliable, and uniquely qualified lady; but reflecting over the past few months made it clear that this action on my part was in a “gray” area with regards to my Proprietorship’s Operating Guidelines for remaining impartial with regards to any action that could be taken out of context & convey political leaning, especially with my unique immigration status. Granted the Office of Secretary of State is non-political, however, the Offer transmitted could be misinterpreted and be taken out of context to appear more inclusive than was intended & this is the fine line, which made it necessary for me to take action and withdraw the Offer (as indicated in the Link) & thanks for understanding.

 The information below is what is contained in the link, which technical issues made it necessary to include here FOR THE FACTUAL RECORD.


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