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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Explanation of a Disaster-Prone, Window Dressing Person

This follow-up is intended to be a comment to ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS but the included links required that it be made a stand-alone Post. However, the reason for this follow-up is to attempt to explain why this “Disaster-Prone” , “Window Dressing” type ex CEO was installed in this extremely high profile education position. Namely for he purpose of conveying that the Organization, which he was CEO of was responsible for the formation of my Proprietorship & he was the individual responsible for the inclusion of the Education services offering being added, even though I was officially on Leave of Absence” without pay, (see below) from that Company and my decision to start the Conservery Proprietorship

Documentation Requesting Leave of Absence Without Pay For Clean-up Activity
(see legal Structure below), initiated on June 25, 2000 was in no way related to that Organization. The Company was only informed out of respect, but what is that to an
Conservery Operating Basis As Initiated and Follow-up
Organization that considers that there is nothing unethical about backdating documents to support identity switching/fraud, altering employees personnel records, “back stabbing” employees, placing "free loaders" in the position of CEO, etc. As of February 7, 2011, the “LIGHTS HAVE BEEN CLOSED ON THIS NON-ORIGINAL SERVICE OFFERING” (see Business Permit Application, above showing only business and political consulting), which have now been all "dropped" in order to focus mainly on compliance type service offerings (see the Conservery Proprietorship's Page current Issue for February 1, 2013). A “Window Dressing” type CEO is one that offers himself up for placement to Organizations that have terrible human rights/operating track records to various classes of employees, etc. who would give the appearance that everything must be okay if he is in such a position of high profile. If you dig deep enough you will probably discover that the organizations he is associated with have terrible operating track records.  

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