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Friday, November 30, 2012


This update of this post is being carried out to include a copy of my Experience Summary from the Conservery Website from 2004 showing my hobby interests as consistent with the link, which connects the locations lived over the years, as documented below, confirming the information/details in this post. 
Those who are of the opinion that these residences where I have lived are connected by mail fraud and other identity crutches such as the “legalization” of the nickname “Jim”, here in Iowa (originally used in CT as documented on the pages of this Blog, see the posts GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED FOR  AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY, IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER THE YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD as well as IDENTITY CRUTCHES and in comment # 1 from 11/29/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page). See the below photo of the careful placement of the name “Jim” in a document when not really needed (as I

These are copies of the estimates for the repairs of the Body work to be done on the Expedition scheduled to be carried out while on the Trinidad trip, the use of this professional nickname "Jim" was not requested to be added by me, but this is how it was prepared and given to me, before the accident on the before the Trinidad trip occurred - see the post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY. 
did not request such to be done as this was a professional name from CT automatically “adopted” here in Iowa and proliferated for identity switching purposes. In addition, to the information contained in these above links the following is another CLEAR example of mail fraud. “Society’s” types and their supporters who have a tendency to live life in the “clouds” view any official or semi official mailing as an opportunity to gain easy “credibility” [see the post EASILY OBTAINED “CREDIBILITY”(EDITED)], especially when they are aware that such practices can be gotten away with (as they are being protected). The below photo of the mailing intended for a former Governor in recovery depicts the card that was “actually” mailed around 12/19/2000, however, to my surprise months later even after a response had been received from him indicating he had received the card, plant arrangement and Conservery calendars (see below photo of 2001 calendar and the photos of his response to my card mailing), the card that had been mailed was discovered “tucked away” in the glove

The words "he" and "convet" should be"the" and "CONVEY" 
compartment of my then vehicle (CLEARLY showing that “Society’s” types in addition to possessing the ability to access residences and remove evidence, can also access locked vehicles and “plant evidence”, leaving me to wonder, what card did the former Governor receive if not this card?
The answer to the initial question, (which is the subject of this post) is GARDENS, (or AN AFFECTION FOR GARDENING, see the below photos), this is the vital link to all these residences. My affection for gardens/gardening as ihe below insert under Hobbies from my Experience Summary from the Conservery WebSite in 2004 depicts. This interest is due mainly to accompanying my Mother and occasionally assisting and watching as her empty plot
turned into a fruit and vegetable garden (see the highlighted section from the post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER). Those practices lessons learned are not forgotten as this is what lead me to visit these Gardens shown in the below pheotos from the very lovely Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (1978 depict) as a student. Therefore, I
Brooklyn (New York's) Botanical (Theme) Gardens - 1978 
certainly can appreciate the article from WSJ from 11/23/2004 on page D11 entitled “What Tree Lovers Have Wrought”. A true hobby gardener is not to be confused with those who invest in flower shops in the names of others who cannot in reality plant anything legitimately or being involved with farming. When faced with any situation the active hobbyist can envision what simple rock can be turned into as the below photos of what materialized when residing at the Stonegate condo. The bare rock outcroppings outside unit 3D were turned into the gardens
shown after the few short years there. Still Hill Road was ready made with mature gardens of many color varieties of dogwoods already planted as well as conifers and the blazing flowering types. I planted only a few varieties of the forsythias along the only rock wall shared with the neighbor at the time. The gardens at Hamden, CT had to be maintained mainly.
My next opportunity for a do-over (makeover) came at my current Olin residence when the property was found in a state of disrepair and the very “prissy” Lois Covington from whom the property was purchased remarked, are you really going to clean it all up, to, which I replied yes and she suggested that I take before and after photos. As a result, the below depictions show what was and what resulted over the years because of my passion for such not merely maintaining the “gardens in exchange for residing here”, the rumor carefully started by an unethical Utility entity engaged in identity switching to cover-up Vermont and their own inadequacies as well as what was in reality taking place here (see the post ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS). Even though the stores from, which most of supplies were obtained are no longer in business (“coincidentally” and my financial accounts closed for reasons already described on the pages of this Blog), they were purchased by me and planted because of an affection for gardening acquired from observing a very wise Lady, my Mother.


It was the the demise of the Locust tree pictured in the foreground in June 2000 that led to the formation of CONSERVERY
I am no longer responsible for these gardens and cannot attest to their current status as occurred consistent with the Brazant Divorce!

Monday, November 26, 2012


This post is being edited to include updated information as indicated in the description below.
First of all after discovering the sale having taken place and you are still stuck with your camera an as ornament, (which you cannot use) but only have Photo(Pros) take and develop pictures occasionally in the name of another as your evidence of being someone else (even though no longer necessary due to digital technology but needed by a con artist desperate for an identity), what are you to do? (see comment # 1 from 11/25/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page). However, before proceeding, let me take a minute to digress and explain why this camera is so important. The old (Canon Canonet QL17) camera that most (though not all) of the pictures were taken with during my school years, was a gift from my Brother from Barbados after I started taking photos and returning some copies to Barbados and my original camera a smaller Vivitar Instantmatic “died” (see below photo). This piece of old equipment after losing

Depiction of the Original Camera in my Possession as a Student

its functionality years ago, which could not be initially located has been found after a further exhaustive search, because its location could not have been discovered by any individual without expending a serious effort and that mystery has now been solved. Anyway, even if the resale of this equipment as documented on the Pages of this Blog (in comment # 1 on the COMMENTS 1 Page from 11/25/2012), is covered over, this does erase its initial purchase, since those documents are still in my possession. Furthermore, most of the photos in the PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE were taken with that camera indicated above. As a result, purchasing similar photographic equipment in the name of another individual (see the post EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY), neither makes you: 1) James F. Brazant, 2) a student in 1953 connected to my family’s history, 3) a hobby photographer, 4) doesn’t answer any of either CHALLENGES’ questions and 5) doesn’t provide any individual in search of an identity with MEMORABILIA of student life as a means of demonstrating “legitimacy”.
Finally, the manipulation of any former “part-time” resident, (when all else fails), who made certain personal decisions is not the answer to achieving “credibility”. The short-term efforts obtained by those in habit of manipulating the life(lives) any individual(s) at crucial occasions will never lead to the long-term “legitimacy” sought by those who are in the habit of playing “god” in the lives of others!


Sunday, November 25, 2012



The is an update of the previous post CONSERVERY FINAL STATUS UPDATE REGARDING STATE CRITERION documenting the final part of the annual State Tax/Use Permit was mailed back on 1/18/2012 as indicated below and there is NO remaining Conservery criterion to complete the State process at this address (8263 140thAve, Olin, IA 52320-7708) (copy as mailed shown below). NO FURTHER STATE MAILINGS ARE TO BE ISSUED IN THIS REGARD.
Conservery Final Biz - Tax/Use Permit From Current Address As Mailed 1/18/2012 Showing Mailing Envelope With Contents - Copy of Biz Cancellation Form Also Included As Indicated on Tax/Use Form.

As previously stated, the Form requesting permanent cancellation of Permit # 1-53-006707 was mailed as indicated here and in addition, telephone service was requested to be disconnected as of 2/1/2012 as shown below.


Biz Permit Cancellation Request Mailing


Thursday, November 22, 2012


My father believed in traditions and while I have written about my Mother’s influence in [A TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER -  (EDITED 2/25/2013], I have not said a great deal about my Dad, whose family situation is complicated (to be explained later), but he did not allow those circumstances to define him. What defined this determined individual, who was tough when required, had a sense for business and was from an era that knew how to keep a promise to someone special. My Dad for whom I was named, was born in 1910 into a divided family of sorts, because his father George, (with his French sounding name) ended up in Barbados via Scotland [and does NOT include any other heritage consistent with the description in the post THE OUTSPOKEN PEN PAL WHO BECAME A FRIEND (EDITED W/INSERTS - UPDATED)! and the limitations documented in HOW TO VIOLATE FERPA AND STILL COMPLY WITH THE INTENT OF THE LAW (EDITED 2/26/2013)]; and even though he was not of the Mormon faith (to the best of my understanding), had separate families (that is the politically correct terminology) in describing his lifestyle, to whom my Father referred to as “Paie” (probably a colloquialism for Pappy) George. The divided half of my Father’s family was shared with an older brother, Dan (who could pass for my Dad’s identical twin with their unusually colored eyes (greenish gray) and in my Father’s case dimples, (which I share with him), was nicknamed Scotty (after their Father’s experiences, no doubt), but as different as night and day. His older brother had a weakness for drinking and would frequently be found in an intoxicated state and without any real orientation in life. He would later succumb to the alcohol he allowed to consume his life. Finally, there was their younger sister, familiarly called Aunt Thor.
James, senior did not name his older son after him but chose to name me after him instead (a fact exploited by those “Society’s” Moguls etc.). My only conclusion drawn about this decision by my Father lay in the sequence of events that occurred almost immediately after my birth; namely, my survival from an almost near fatal illness (previously reported), when just weeks old and prior to the selection of and/or the conference of the name for me, that reminded him of his experiences (in overcoming difficulties) and led him to make the decision he did. Therefore, my middle name Francis was used when growing up instead of junior since the naming of me in this manner was not done in the traditional fashion. My Dad was not himself religious but on returning to the Island to keep the promise he had made to a very special lady, my Mother, he selected an older structure (confirmed during a remodeling effort when a coin dating from 1600's was found in the walls near the rafters), located next door to the centuries old Speightstown, St. Peter Methodist Church, built in 1859. Maybe he was hoping that the location would be ideal for the raising of a family (due to influence from my Mother) or maybe he saw the wisdom of placing a family styled grocery store next door to a house of worship. But whatever his reasoning, the business location turned out to be successful and in later years wanted to expand (discussed previously).
My Dad believed in his type of traditions as the naming of one of his two sons after him though not in the traditional fashion, because he did not shy way from going the extra mile in favor of a worthy enterprise, cause (person) etc., if he saw something (or someone) worthwhile. He was of the traditional thinking that if he helped his oldest offspring, that individual would in turn help the others, that is why in 1967 immediately upon graduating from the then girls only Alexandra Secondary School, he made arrangements for my Sister to attend business school in New York, (to make an opportunity for her that was not available to him). My Dad was not above having a back-up plan in case his line of thought did not materialize and spent time grooming me in the ways of the business such as accompanying him on trips to complete orders with his suppliers.
My Sister lacked for nothing when on her studies, for whatever she needed He made sure that it was provided; all she had to do was ask. She would complete her yearlong course of business studies and the following year returned home. Needless to say, he was a bit disappointed (even though he never said it openly) as he was hoping that with the chance she was given it would be utilized to stay (in the US) if any opportunity developed, as he did before returning. However, this did not prevent him from leaving the Chapel Street family residence to Her over the objections of my Mother who (from her instincts) felt that my Sister was not the individual to whom the property should be left and that the decision was unwise and she let disagreement be known in her own way.
The final words my father ever spoke to his three surviving offspring together was in 1971 when on the morning of the day of his passing before leaving for work, he called us together and said to us “do not live as your Mother’s siblings do”, (alluding to the frequent male rivalries that took place among the male dominated siblings of my Mother’s, who were frequently found in the mist of trying to “top” each other in their serious adult years). Eventually, my Brother would return to school as a full-time student at the Cave Hill campus of the UWI to study natural science. Finally, after years of working and saving for approximately six (6) plus years from (the equivalent of the fall in) 1971 through February 1978 for the Government of Barbados, I decided to pursue my engineering studies in the USA. It was my intent to return as my study leave, which was kept open until May 1983 demonstrates (see comment # 1 from 11/19/2012 on the COMMENTS Page). However, I am still here after arriving on March 2, 1978 on flight #666, thirty-four (34) years and approximately eight (8) plus months ago. My father’s legacy includes is a promise made is a promise kept even in overcoming difficulties. In concluding this description, the question is being posed, which of the three of my Father’s surviving offspring really fulfilled “his traditional legacy”, whether what he thought was the typical way or the chance he saw from a unusual birth sequence of events, that led him to an unusual naming order (or renaming as the case maybe) and includes a promise made?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EASILY OBTAINED "CREDIBILITY" (EDITED 12/13 & 12/24/2012 AS WELL AS 1/02/2013)

The easily obtained “credibility” of “Society’s” (edited for accuracy - 12/13/2012) to avoid any information included being assigned to me for those without any history (far and near) using this information as their basis for credibility. Especially since such types don’t have any without the reliance on selected numbers and labels, this is critical to their borrowed existences. What would happen if their “love affair” with numbers and labels were suddenly upended, then, how could they survive? Their use of specific numbers repeatedly, is an attempt to demonstrate “credibility” such as using the number 22 for example (to choose a random number) in order to provide credibility to specific individual(s) and by so doing attempt to take credit for specific action(s), such as Conservery's 2005 Calendar mailings, (see the below photos). However, if in the course of trying to demonstrate that they are responsible for

specific actions, “Society’s” types find themselves in the following four corners: 1) removing individuals contacted in critical positions and knowledgeable of certain matters, 2) replacing them with “Society’s” types put in place for the express purpose of “legitimizing” frauds (see the post NETWORKING TO IMPLEMENT ID SWITCHING FRAUD - UPDATED for ONE such example in the Country of my birth), 3) embarrassing selected individuals contacted also knowledgeable of the correct matters and 4) “fishing” for reasons to close financial accounts in order to provide credibility to “Society’s” crowds, in addition to being at the "dead" end of a closed account and attempting to keep it alive in search of a "connection" to Conservery; then there is clearly non-existent authenticity here, regardless of whose support is being provided (for self interested motives as documented in the post CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?). See the below photo insert and comment # 2 from 11/11/2012 on the COMMENTS Page.
This historical record is included here for accuracy only especially since some are in the business or altering, mangling and outright distorting historical information to recreate ancestries for those basis for "legitimacy" is cantered in mail fraud. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A skilled impersonator can become anything as needed for the situation at hand. For example is such an individual is required to feign being married, then he finds a co-conspirator and together they pass for being a married couple for the “cameras” to a female whose uses a name that sounds like (the girl next door). When the married act is no longer required, then he comes “out of the closet” and feigns being a “gay” individual, while emphasizing his (or her) lifelong “gayness”.
On the other hand, if being handicapped is needed to demonstrate a connection to a “relative”, x-rays are delivered on 10/1991 to an Apartment at Cedarwood Hills and a limp is mysteriously developed to identify with his “sister” who was involved in a near tragic accident in her country of residence, Barbados. After all, how else would others know that she was his “sister” who assisted him with the transfer of needed finances when she as four (4 years old), when he “attended” school here in this State? However, if this isn’t quite compelling, then he can always fall back on his “inability” to hear effectively in order to generate sympathy. On the other hand if he (or she) wanted to identify with the more serious matters such as the accomplishments of another being copied, then some type of publication is released (issued) to emphasize that he (or she) accomplished “his” (or her) school work for undergraduate studies, which is the only “real” point that the publisher of the story want to convey. Identifying with all the engineering accomplishments of the individual is a little more tricky especially recent courses work carried out at a School of Public Health, required more of a challenge because he was supposed to be elsewhere in a downtown Cedar Rapids office building when supposedly being in an alternate location in a different “face” at the same time. The solution for the con artist, the construction of an unnecessary office “wing” to, which the individual who identity is being ravished is placed, but on, which the number adopted by the con artist as a definition of himself is placed in conjunction with the numbers of a prized achievement desired. Based on this magical act, the objective can be obtained, taking over the entire individual’s technical (and other associated accomplishments). With this crowning achievement, citizenship can now be claimed as well as legal entry into the USA (when anything such is far from truth). To lay the groundwork for this citizenship, jury duty requests are sent to the address of the individual, which he emphatically removes himself from (since by choice, Permanent residence was the path decided on), but in reality these were intended for the con artist. All other activities carried out by the individual are mimicked by the con artist such as purchasing photographic equipment in the name of the individual (being impersonated) as an indication of being an amateur photographer in order to take credit for the artistic works of the individual being copied. What in fact this description shows is an individual with a willingness to become anything desired to further his (or her) cause because of the debt of gratitude owed to certain Mogul types who gave him (or her) the opportunity to go from being a stowaway, runaway or even "hippy" type to becoming something he (or she) never imagined. To the con artist misrepresentation works. How else would he be able to “achieve” all that he (or she) has, whatever that is [see the post MISREPRESENTATION DEFINED (FOR THE RECORD) -AMENDED].

Monday, November 19, 2012


The contents of this post are being edited for applicable content highlighted below) and to answer this question, how is dividend check #258272 received on 10/22/2012 (here in Olin, IA) connected to my Sister’s x-rays received on 10/26/1991 at the Cedar Rapids apartment which was my first residence here in Iowa (see below included photos), will be explained is this description. However, the events have to be relayed in the order in, which they occurred

The unveiling!

as follows. Shortly after relocating to Iowa, my Sister (with her two children visited me in Cedar Rapids) about a month after my arrival and her visit at that time circa June/July 1991 was ostensibly a stop by while on her way to the Disney theme Park and did not make any sense from my perspective, since I had barely moved into my new apartment. However, in retrospect, I am now guessing that I never really knew the “real” purpose of her visit. Again focusing on these two mailings, they were received exactly twenty-one (21) years and four (4) days apart as well as fourteen (14) days prior to the November 6, 2012 election to enable this con artist to vote "legitimately" (to keep the Vermont cover-up alive and well) and if I had to interpret this further from the perspective of a “Society’s” type person, I would conclude that these two mailings are indirectly providing “legitimacy” to other “Society’s” type individual(s) in Illinois and Georgia as well (see the posts) ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS as well as EXPLANATION OF A DISASTER PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON). In order to get to the heart of this matter, any similarities/commonalities between these two mailings (if any) have to be determine to understand how the workings of this fraud is being implemented. One glaring thing stands out, namely that the date of the receipt of the Dividend check is the same as my Sister’s birthday the 22nd but of the sixth month for, which she was named. There is the connection between these two October mailings. Now, She has never visited this Olin, IA residence but to “Society’s” types never having visited a location, school, business, residence, State, etc., is not a deterrent, to claiming some desired goal and a action as trivial as placing numbers on an office “wing” can be used as an indication of “legitimacy” to enable a con artist to assume all the engineering accomplishments and life’s history of another. Therefore, it is my hope that these mailing aren’t being used as a pretext to symbolically provide Her (and other “Society’s” types) with a connection to this Olin, IA residence, since we no longer communicate. My basis for this conclusion is the amount the check was made out for, exactly FORTY-NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTY-EIGHT CENTS ($49.58). As pointed out in the post SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING “VIRTUAL” IDENTITIES - UPDATED, MY Sister’s birth year is 1949 (whether or not she acknowledges it or not at this time, because my brother was not born in 1949). Now if I had to guess, it would appear as if the second digits 58 are reportedly associated with some educational institution in this State and used together in typical “Society’s” style appears to be an attempt to provide cover to a con artist to validate his “story” of an being educated in 1953 at this “Institution”, when she ONLY four (4), which is total nonsense. As previously stated, I don’t appreciate being used and “imprisoned” as a mere object for the “legitimacy” any “Society’s” type individual(s), even my Sister included. These events now serve to confirm that he is in fact ONLY trying to take credit for my school work and engineering accomplishments, that why it was three years that took to obtain his degree (as I did). A very “real” picture is beginning to form as to the basis for my Sister being “wined and dined” at Disney in Florida in 1991. The quid pro quo benefits are beginning to become clearer (for those who are of the opinion that I am not aware of the extent of their “little” “identitygate” masquerade - see the post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER). Just imagine being sold out by one’s Sister for an all-expenses paid Theme Park attendance trip from Barbados to Orlando, Florida. Now I know how much She really thought of me, but I am not shocked (for in referring to me as documented in the excerpt from my Mother's letter from May 17, 1978 from comment #1 from 11/26/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page, she told my Mother as reported in her letter, I heard from YOUR SON, my Sister's way of implying that I was my Mother's favorite), but I would never do anything of this nature to her if the situation was reversed!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This follow-up to the post THE ELECTION IN SUMMATION is being carried out for a number of reasons as documented in the pages of this Blog and will be expanded on in this posting as follows.
It has been said that if any avenue can be found for frustrating any process those with the resources and means to implement it will discover it. The exploiting of a “gray” area in the Constitution to cover-up the actions of a very unprofessional executive by those attempting to prove that their “Society’s” way is the “only” way and then attempt to use the cloak of the Electoral Process to ingrain it with a semblance of legitimacy via Deal-Making, (see the post THE UNVEILING OF QUID QUO PRO DEAL-MAKING) is a clear demonstration that the process is broken. This begs the question, how could a process that was so carefully developed be circumvented? Any system implemented with the best of intentions can be misused if the means and purpose are available. As pointed out in the original post, the “gray” area in the Constitution regarding the rights of legal residents who choose non-citizenship was exploited especially since the Amendments also make their primary focus citizens, as Amendment XIV reinforces. Under these circumstances, how can redress be enacted? One such remedy, would be to ensure that the power of the selection process is not kept in the “hands” of a few (States), which can be exploited especially since the Constitution does not explicitly address the method for choosing “electors”, which ultimately elect the individual elected to the Presidency, either in Article II or in Amendment XII. Those advocating the current system, always fall back on the smaller versus larger States influence argument, which is a bogus argument, because those with the means to influence will implement it all costs. A fairer method would be to allow for a rotation system via, which those States holding the 1st contests (whether Primary or Caucus) are rotated and all given the same opportunity to influence the eventual outcome as the present system allows those holding the initial contests to do. However, the methodology selected is not my focus (as I don’t have the answer), since this is a political matter, which in consistency with the Proprietorship’s Guidelines I stay clear of, as my only point is the application of fairness.
Currently, it is clear that those States hosting the first contests have an unfair advantage over those not given the same advantage, and those with an interest in maintaining the status quo go to great “lengths” to maintain it, even though the Constitution never entrusted such authority in any single State. However, when the rights of individuals are trampled on and the cloak of the current process for implementing the Electoral College system used to legitimize such wrongs, it’s a definite indication that it’s time for change. A better process would benefit all, because the reputation of your Country as an upholder of fairness is also being tested. If the manner of a simple arrogant executive is allowed to run amuck for twenty-two (22) years and counting (even internationally) while hoping that those who have concluded that theirs is the “only” way are given a “free” hand to implement their political correctness, how then can the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” lead by example internationally. To prevent the type of injustices documented here from being continually covered-up via the same selection process (status quo), a welcome fundamental change is needed. WHO OUT THERE IS WILLING TO LEAD FOR THAT CHANGE?  

Friday, November 16, 2012


This photo of the Brazant family Chapel Street, St. Peter, Barbados residence (photo included below) was issued for a number of reasons, the most important being to confirm the existence


of deal making as documented in the post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER. If ANY individual surfaced after the issuance of this photo claiming a connection to it as their basis for being in the USA studying while working in a bowling alley and short on cash then that would explain why this “virtual two-faced” type was short on cash because he was not in any way, shape or form connected to this RESIDENCE apart from an inept attempt at trying to cover-up the manner in, which the sale of the Branford condo was purchased as documented in the post THE IMPORTANCE OF RECORD KEEPING. “Society’s” types (all inclusive) are of the opinion that re-writing history is a demonstration of validity as long as they can advertise their way to “legitimacy”. This residence was not used to provide any con artist with a reason for his financial history and purchasing property while at the same time using the pretext for a sale of a residence near Alburnett, IA (from, which the Owners were there one day and the next vanished), with this “Society’s” con artist claiming the sale of that estate type residence at that time as the basis for his move into the property he was then building in 1992. After all the years this “two-faced artist” was in this State (reportedly since 1953 to “study”), it’s awfully coincidental that he was ONLY able to “purchase” a residence after my relocation here, (I don’t believe in coincidences) and there is much here that “smells”. This would confirm that the “story” my Sister conveyed to me surrounding this (Barbados) property’s sale was just that, a “story” from, which “hot air” types are of the opinion that all they have to do is keep twisting and altering events and eventually their fabrications will become accurate.

This “story” concocted in deal-making is about as valid as “arranging” for the precise delivery date of the x-rays in a quid pro quo arrangement to an aspiring Politico and ensuring that only the availability of this property here in Olin, when the search for a different residence was being sought, then located on RR1. However, after I purchased it in 1992 the Streets were
The 1st Residence in Iowa's Lease Documentation on Relocating here in 1991 
renamed, with RR1 being assigned 140th Ave in 1993 (and carefully selecting the house number with the initial digits corresponding to the date of my Permanent Residence approval (May 29th 1982) and the final two corresponding to a year associated with national tragedy - 1963 - see below photo insert); and then concluding that because it was renamed 140th Ave
Address Changeover Communication Composite With Old and New Addesses Highlighted Above 
that it was a “clear” demonstration that those “original” types residing here (in this State) were “whimsically” connected to the purchase of the Still Hill Road property simply because it was purchased for $140,000.00 (see the below included photo and the post THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY). What a farce of untold proportions (because the end is constantly being rewritten to include details that are impossible to comprehend due to all the GAPING HOLES in this story - see the post  AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU ("SOCIETY'S" TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER'S IDENTITY - UPDATED/REVISED)!

Property Deed for the Purchase of 508 Still Hill Road, Hamden,CT
What else can be concluded when the scenario began and ended as shown in the composite shown below, but quid pro quo deal-making resulted in the circumstances that all benefitted from but me.  

The unveiling!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post MISLABELING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS as “Society’s” types never change their methods especially since they know that they can always find an individual (or individuals) to “sell out” someone whose identity they have targeted as occurred with my siblings in my case. They mimic, in the background and carefully plan their take over action to eventually demonstrate “legitimacy” via criminal action in some manner while relying on elected quid pro quo deal-makers (of whom they are an abundance) using political correctness to cover-up conflicts along the way. For example, in my case they had a con artist who wanted easily desired Federal recognition in a name that instantly brought such, an organization willing to elevate such types (and there are many), because they really don’t have to pay them anything except on paper and these individuals are grateful for the opportunity to be elevated from their previous circumstances by carrying out, subterfuge against an unsuspecting individual and desirous of having something for nothing of, which there is an abundance of such (while obtaining resources via any means needed with the cover they have been provided with – see the post WHY DO “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY’S TYPES RELY ON “SOFT TOUCH” ADVERTISING). My son is the only one of my children who has lived in all of the the main areas where I have lived for any length of time and just as I was targeted he (either is or) will also be, by those “Opportunistic” types whose main aim in life is whatever they desire at any costs by whatever means they can implement their schemes because they are of the opinion that they OWN others (who were placed in this life for them to have their pleasure, effectiveness, “legitimacy” or whatever else they so desire and don’t know when to stop because they have always gotten away with it). They have nothing else to do apart from implementing such; most are not really skilled, as their only activity lies in the planning and plotting for just the opportune moment to carry out their schemes, while presenting a semblance of their alter ego as needed (while waiting in the “wing” to place their external labels and numbers as their mark of legitimacy and then one day claiming “instant” legitimacy). No individual was endowed with or given the right to play “god” in the lives of others (most of whom can’t even manage their own existences in any organized manner but feel free to meddle in the lives of others to make quid pro quo deals for easy elevation regardless of whose rights they trample on along their self-centered ways). As I said previously, my son, whom I can place at all our residences is not A MERE OBJECT FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS and neither am I, regardless of whose assistance has been obtained in that regard and he can be placed at each and every location. Others think that altering records along the way is a viable method of demonstrating “originality while relying on some “flimsy evidence” to claim “originality” such as a “mural” in the case of the Stonegate condo and a “misprint” on a business card in the case of Still Hill Road. Why should such types doubt that their methods work, after all they can always find willing participants to “sell out” others or even their country as the case may be. As Stated previously my son can be placed at all the main places lived for extended periods of time (see below photo) and without the Stonegate condo, their would have been no Still Hill Road, because the value of the property almost doubled in the short years there along with the improvements carried out and the proceeds from that sale were used for the down payment towards that residence. Residing at any location, means that evidence of such must be generated along the way, and while “Society’s” types aim to demonstrate ‘legitimacy” via borrowed financial ability, other smaller details are my preferred avenue because it is said that the habits one develops during school years (for those who actually attended and not merely report such via news media "stories"), are never forgotten (such as depicted below with an emphasis on the post STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - THE ADDENDUM). Note as previously stated on this Blog’s pages when my association with the LPC ended so did the idea of Northeastern Structures and any such connection to this type of venture, period and no individual (whether Society’s” type original or the alter ego of the limited partner in that venture who is relying on this “flimsy evidence” for current “legitimacy”) as well as their "army of entities" who "circle the wagons to protect the exposed at all costs"; can alter this fact as none have been authorized to speak on my behalf.

                         The top receipt shown is from Seymour, CT where I worked while residing at
                         Still Hill Rd


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As described in the previous post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER, the purchase of the Stonegate condo was completed with the final commitment due at closing with funding from the sale of the 0.5 acre plot in Barbados, which my father left to be divided between my brother and I. The sales agreement for this purchase was set in motion on December 22, 1982 (see the below photo insert). This purchase from the Medinas who had already moved to Kentucky (since it was vacant) when the condo was viewed with the Agent on the day before my birthday in December 1982; was carried out in this fashion, $500.00 on signing the contract that day, another $900.00 on approval of the mortgage (see below photo of applicable mortgage) and the final $1,500.00 due at closing. That final amount to complete the January 31, 1983 closing (see the below photo of the deed) finally came from the sale of the Barbados property regardless of what “records” the “Society’s” types were able to alter/change historically to cover-up this sale to provide a con artist with quid pro quo “legitimacy” and call it living in the “real” world is an exercise in fantasy. That’s how these photos of Dejon showing an actual occupied residence not a “magical” existence, living in another State in a totally different identity while still claiming to be elsewhere (see the below inserts), were obtained.
Stonegate Condo Purchase Contract - Dec, 1982 


           Stonegate Property Deed - 1983







Saturday, November 10, 2012


In the interest of accuracy and attempting to be sure that, the correct reasons are assigned to events appropriately, this post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU (“SOCIETY’S” TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER’S IDENTITY - UPDATED is being updated to include another potential reason for the construction of the additional office “wing” at the Plant Site. Matters involving identity fraud are supposed to be kept under “strict” local control; therefore when in circa 1995, l personally paid for and attended two courses at Harvard School of Public Health (see Certificates documenting attendance) and a certain con artist


wanted to be associated with anything that superficially affords “credibility” without actually doing anything, some action had to be taken to cover up these events and provide himself with the “Society’s” types networking capability afforded them to abscond with the accomplishments of others (easily). The below photo inserts depict a mailing received from the

The number of the main address remained, the new office "wing" was "assigned" this prized number shown connecting it to an individual who was supposed to working in the Cedar Rapids Office.

School after attending and a random mailing of some other publication received, depicting the uniquely assigned “new address” after the completion of the office “wing”, selected to allow for IDENTITY SWITCHING? Could it be that the answer lies in this mailing received from a Manufacturer eager to cement the switching scheme, known for making dual identity sales (see the post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY). The below photo insert shows a mailing received from this Entity on December 19, 2003 and the included labels and numbers show a remarkable resemblance to this new “wing” constructed for“sound”

and easily justifiable eCONCOMIC (pardon me, economic was the word being contemplated) reasons.

Isn’t it interesting how such seemingly separate and disjointed actions can be so clearly connected by the dots (or maybe labels and numbers) in the case of “Society’s” types with their desire for easily obtained everything. Turns out, all things are not that easily obtained, when a trail miles long is left full of gaping holes in the desire for demonstrating “financial legitimacy” above all else and relying on cover-up actions to “sweep away” anything that does not quite fit in with the desired objective. Everything and/or everyone cannot be “swept away”.