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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As described in the previous post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER, the purchase of the Stonegate condo was completed with the final commitment due at closing with funding from the sale of the 0.5 acre plot in Barbados, which my father left to be divided between my brother and I. The sales agreement for this purchase was set in motion on December 22, 1982 (see the below photo insert). This purchase from the Medinas who had already moved to Kentucky (since it was vacant) when the condo was viewed with the Agent on the day before my birthday in December 1982; was carried out in this fashion, $500.00 on signing the contract that day, another $900.00 on approval of the mortgage (see below photo of applicable mortgage) and the final $1,500.00 due at closing. That final amount to complete the January 31, 1983 closing (see the below photo of the deed) finally came from the sale of the Barbados property regardless of what “records” the “Society’s” types were able to alter/change historically to cover-up this sale to provide a con artist with quid pro quo “legitimacy” and call it living in the “real” world is an exercise in fantasy. That’s how these photos of Dejon showing an actual occupied residence not a “magical” existence, living in another State in a totally different identity while still claiming to be elsewhere (see the below inserts), were obtained.
Stonegate Condo Purchase Contract - Dec, 1982 


           Stonegate Property Deed - 1983







1 comment:

J_F_Brazant said...

It is unwise to base one’s “legitimacy” on something so flimsy as a mural on a wall and then run around carrying out vandalism against any type of improvement carried out here at 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA, to try to make it (flimsy “originality”) “real”. It just takes common sense, and the ability to follow directions, (that don’t include criminal acts), nothing more!