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Friday, November 30, 2012


This update of this post is being carried out to include a copy of my Experience Summary from the Conservery Website from 2004 showing my hobby interests as consistent with the link, which connects the locations lived over the years, as documented below, confirming the information/details in this post. 
Those who are of the opinion that these residences where I have lived are connected by mail fraud and other identity crutches such as the “legalization” of the nickname “Jim”, here in Iowa (originally used in CT as documented on the pages of this Blog, see the posts GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED FOR  AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY, IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER THE YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD as well as IDENTITY CRUTCHES and in comment # 1 from 11/29/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page). See the below photo of the careful placement of the name “Jim” in a document when not really needed (as I

These are copies of the estimates for the repairs of the Body work to be done on the Expedition scheduled to be carried out while on the Trinidad trip, the use of this professional nickname "Jim" was not requested to be added by me, but this is how it was prepared and given to me, before the accident on the before the Trinidad trip occurred - see the post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY. 
did not request such to be done as this was a professional name from CT automatically “adopted” here in Iowa and proliferated for identity switching purposes. In addition, to the information contained in these above links the following is another CLEAR example of mail fraud. “Society’s” types and their supporters who have a tendency to live life in the “clouds” view any official or semi official mailing as an opportunity to gain easy “credibility” [see the post EASILY OBTAINED “CREDIBILITY”(EDITED)], especially when they are aware that such practices can be gotten away with (as they are being protected). The below photo of the mailing intended for a former Governor in recovery depicts the card that was “actually” mailed around 12/19/2000, however, to my surprise months later even after a response had been received from him indicating he had received the card, plant arrangement and Conservery calendars (see below photo of 2001 calendar and the photos of his response to my card mailing), the card that had been mailed was discovered “tucked away” in the glove

The words "he" and "convet" should be"the" and "CONVEY" 
compartment of my then vehicle (CLEARLY showing that “Society’s” types in addition to possessing the ability to access residences and remove evidence, can also access locked vehicles and “plant evidence”, leaving me to wonder, what card did the former Governor receive if not this card?
The answer to the initial question, (which is the subject of this post) is GARDENS, (or AN AFFECTION FOR GARDENING, see the below photos), this is the vital link to all these residences. My affection for gardens/gardening as ihe below insert under Hobbies from my Experience Summary from the Conservery WebSite in 2004 depicts. This interest is due mainly to accompanying my Mother and occasionally assisting and watching as her empty plot
turned into a fruit and vegetable garden (see the highlighted section from the post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER). Those practices lessons learned are not forgotten as this is what lead me to visit these Gardens shown in the below pheotos from the very lovely Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (1978 depict) as a student. Therefore, I
Brooklyn (New York's) Botanical (Theme) Gardens - 1978 
certainly can appreciate the article from WSJ from 11/23/2004 on page D11 entitled “What Tree Lovers Have Wrought”. A true hobby gardener is not to be confused with those who invest in flower shops in the names of others who cannot in reality plant anything legitimately or being involved with farming. When faced with any situation the active hobbyist can envision what simple rock can be turned into as the below photos of what materialized when residing at the Stonegate condo. The bare rock outcroppings outside unit 3D were turned into the gardens
shown after the few short years there. Still Hill Road was ready made with mature gardens of many color varieties of dogwoods already planted as well as conifers and the blazing flowering types. I planted only a few varieties of the forsythias along the only rock wall shared with the neighbor at the time. The gardens at Hamden, CT had to be maintained mainly.
My next opportunity for a do-over (makeover) came at my current Olin residence when the property was found in a state of disrepair and the very “prissy” Lois Covington from whom the property was purchased remarked, are you really going to clean it all up, to, which I replied yes and she suggested that I take before and after photos. As a result, the below depictions show what was and what resulted over the years because of my passion for such not merely maintaining the “gardens in exchange for residing here”, the rumor carefully started by an unethical Utility entity engaged in identity switching to cover-up Vermont and their own inadequacies as well as what was in reality taking place here (see the post ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS). Even though the stores from, which most of supplies were obtained are no longer in business (“coincidentally” and my financial accounts closed for reasons already described on the pages of this Blog), they were purchased by me and planted because of an affection for gardening acquired from observing a very wise Lady, my Mother.


It was the the demise of the Locust tree pictured in the foreground in June 2000 that led to the formation of CONSERVERY
I am no longer responsible for these gardens and cannot attest to their current status as occurred consistent with the Brazant Divorce!

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