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Friday, January 4, 2013


This is an update of the previous posts with partial implications on the subject; 1) ANOTHER REASON FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS FROM CONSIDERATION, 2) ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE - UPDATED as well as THE ONE TRUE RELATIONSHIP CONSTANT to emphasize why such advancements in the wrong hands are not really the type of advancements intended by the originators.
The above post all in some manner deal with technology and its implications for society. However, in the wrong hands such advancements are a detriment to society as has been documented on the pages of this Blog. The writers of the article in that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from August 11, 2009 edition of (A17), describing the rapid pace of technological advancements probably meant that these improvements were all highly effective tools as long as there was the element of trust that they would always be used ethically. However, my adaptation of that point did not subscribe to this basic belief in any way, but to emphasize that only ONE can be trusted to direct (or order) the events an individual's life, not to the belief that “trust” could be placed in technological advancements to always be operated and used ethically by individuals. On the contrary as “Society’s” types have repeatedly shown their willingness to use any such method to further their ambitions of easily obtained credibility, ex: phone “spoofing”, “trawling” of online computer files unknown to the users for information to download and steal in the name of legitimacy, wealth accumulation and other unethical practices etc. 
What is being emphasized or pointed out here is that legitimate individuals don’t have to resort to methods such as electronic theft of a discarded email draft from a TRASH file to send to an unsuspecting (or cooperative) individual to inform him of their intent TO GET THEIR DESIRES IN another’s property, when all else (such as manipulation to obtain their desired outcome) has failed. Only thoseSociety’stypes and their Supporters with THIN standards use their resources to employ and rely on THEFT AND SUCH SIMILAR METHODS ROUTINELY AND THEN ELEVATION OF THE RECIPIENTS OF THE STOLEN CREDENTIALS INVOLVED (INTO LEADERSHIP POSITIONS) ETC., as a demonstration of ownership (such that their will be NO doubt of the “rightful” “ownership” by those involved in such “smoke and mirrors” credentials), as has been their pattern. Any semi-skilled actor can “play” the part of a leader (with the unseen assistance of other “Society’s” types propping him or her up), however, in the trenches, where such skills really would be needed to implement their professed qualifications, the dearth of such would be exposed and there is never any “ACTUAL” records of these types ever operating in the trenches that is not borrowed from others or just "REPORTED" on by one means or another.  


This subject matter from the previous post WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY? is being edited and updated to include relevant details from the investment world about some of the underlying aspects of our instant society’s mindset from the IBD edition of 1/31/2003. This publication on page 1 under the caption “A GOOD BREAKOUT CAN TAKE TIME”, emphasized the following, once a leading stock that breaks out on heavy volume has been selected, and it quickly stalls, or even retreats to the buy point even after weeks have passed, the following action was to be avoided. The temptation to pursue another “highflier”, this could be a mistake. Instead, give a good stock time to build momentum, because often the pullback to start point is the prelude to strong gains. Such pullbacks can be a confidence shaker and even the best of stocks can dip back to their start (or pivot) point for short periods because all the weaknesses were not eliminated at the outset and such developments can “clear the decks” for a rise in value that can often occur in shaky markets. However, if it turns out that the stock is really a non-performer have a preset sell triggering point rule (ex. a 7% to 8%) from the buy point already in place. Basically, this article is advocating patience for the long run, a characteristic not practiced or valued in today’s society; hence the growth of the easily obtained “credentials” business, which some entities business model is based on and would not survive economically as functioning operations without reliance on such.
Those desirous of instant credentials without the associated work involved have to obtain "legitimate” records from somewhere and those of actual individuals are the only viable alternative, whether alive or deceased. This has become a “cottage” industry for those willing to provide such with a system in place to validate the practices to the detriment of those who have been impacted by such actions. This sequence of events that I stumbled unto may have been previously enacted against deceased individuals for the most part, however, the desire to cover-up the events in Vermont is probably what has led to the flagrant attempt to use my identity, accomplishments and qualifications in this manner. When enacting such activities drawing visible attention is avoided at all costs. However, because of the notion that it was felt that it could be implemented in a select environment, the decision was made to proceed; otherwise such a scheme would not be “flagged” in such an attention-getting way, in my opinion. See the post, “WHAT FACTORS ARE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY”, describing the ideal environment for such activities to be successful.     

Thursday, January 3, 2013


The purpose of this post is to provide an answer to the question raised in an earlier post, namely “WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY?" 
This was intended to be a rhetorical question to make readers think about its implications, however, in doing research I have discovered the answer to my own question in the most unlikely of places and must be shared. In the August 11, 2009 edition of that popular daily/weekend Business Publication (A17), two Writers in an article about the fast pace of innovations made a very interesting point, namely because of the speed at, which technological and other innovations have occurred in recent years, which have seemingly made ten (10) year increments appear to comparative to a century of innovation from previous generations and that the only true constant is trust, and I wholeheartedly agree. This is a provocative but very valid conclusion, because if there is a lack of trust in any undertaking (whatever it is) between two parties, it’s doomed to failure at some point, whether sooner or later. However, when such a relationship is discover it is truly “something to be treasured”.
For some who have trusted and had their trust betrayed, rekindling such will not come easy, but it can be achieved in the correct environment. Sometimes adjustments made have to be made to “find” that correct environment but once achieved will become clearly apparent and/or will be discovered to be such on a daily basis. In effect, proving that with the speed at, which discoveries are made in these days, ONLY ONE TRULY REMAIN'S CONSTANT AND IS WORTHY OF TRUST ABOVE ALL ELSE. 


Many go through life in pursuit of some objective or goal and typically this is a good thing, except when it becomes an obsession. If life could be compared to horse racing’s Triple Crown, it would be said that eleven (11) horses have won that Crown (or title) and eleven (11) have lost. In 2012, another horse found itself in the enviable (or unenviable) position of becoming either the twelfth (12th) to win or twelfth (12th) to have lost. The Owners of that horse after assessing the horse’s chances scratched (or pulled) it from the race on race day.
How will history judge the horse that neither became the 12th to win the Triple Crown nor did it become the 12th to loose the third race in racing’s Triple Crown? It can only be said that the Owners knew when to quit. Life however, is not a horse race and when our goal(s) in life causes us to treat the lives of others as mere objects to be manipulated in the pursuit of any objective, then that goal has become an obsession and this should be a “red” flag that we are on the wrong path. Those who find themselves in such positions as horses do also wear blinders, only “selectively” seeing some singular objective ahead and nothing else, not knowing when to quit (as the Owners of the horse in 2012 Triple Crown decided to do). Whatever the obsession that drives such an individual, regardless of what is being chased, when the life of another is treated as a mere object for the manipulative reinventions of the latest version of reality chosen as the path to circumvent the express wishes of an individual who chooses to remain uninvolved with the world of a certain “Society’s’ Mogul, driven by his desire for a crown of sorts (namely, the “Wealthiest Person in the World”). My decision has often been repeated but is now clearly outlined in the post HOW WEALTH AND POWER CAUSES INDIVIDUALS/ENTITIES TO BEHAVE.
After some evaluation, my conclusion drawn is that this Mogul in pursuit of the “Title” (or Crown) he is pursuing, concluded that this “dream” would be realized in a certain continent and as a result decided to take certain liberties with my identity, qualifications and accomplishments as documented in the post AN EXAMPLE OF HIRING FOR THE PURPOSE OF ID TRANSFER. When any individual sees their resources as the means to their obsession, it has become a mission that can only be compared to actions of dictators, especially when accustomed to getting the object of his desires and is confronted with an individual who stands in the way of his attempt to achieve his “Crown”. When the alternate view is used as documented in the post THERE IS ALWAYS AN ALTERNATE VIEW I TIME IS TAKEN TO FIND IT, to determine the scenario being confronted with, what is realized is that of a Mogul who can only see such an individual as an object to be neutralized (see the post WHAT FACTORS ARE THE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY.When a Mogul uses dictatorial methods in a “free” society he becomes more dangerous than those despots who openly carry out acts of terror against their opponents to instill fear by example in order to achieve whatever his objective is will also become a footnote (or maybe a page) in history. A review of history will find it full of such examples of dictators and tyrants who rose and fell and any Mogul who uses despotic methods without knowing when to quit will follow in their example, because the same methods employed by such are typically used against them. If anyone had told the former Bear Sterns CEO a mere five (5) years ago that this strong arm business practices as referenced in the popular daily/weekend Business Publication from June 8, 2012 (C1), practiced from his former lofty perch in that Entity would drive it into non existence, would not have been believed. Despots and dictators (including Moguls) who terrorize in pursuit of their objectives rise and fall, history always repeats itself in this regard.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


They are those with a certain Moguls type belief, namely that financial inducements typically will win out in every situation. However, as discovered by a certain Asian Nation that follows this course of thinking, this is not always the case. This difficult lesson, means that in some instances, other issues can supersede even “billons in aid” as documented in that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from June 8, 2012 (A1/12), because as of the date of that article’s publication, sentiment in the Nation, which had been induced with such payments was seeing a backlash because National pride was at stake.
Similarly, those who who took many liberties with my history, identity, accomplishments and qualifications and their supporters is finding out that “purchasing” your way and networking is not always a guarantee of success regardless of employing methods such as: using inducements to effect support for their cause (based on favors and/or financial gain) in addition to overstating his level of support to attempt to effect caving in to his cause because of the inevitability of his obtaining success regardless of stated lack of interest in being in his “Society” or any other similar club.
Blatant unethical behavior and “gloating” about the ability to carry out such is unbecoming of any so-called “omnipotent Mogul”. Not all can and will be induced to employ unethical methods to carry out this Mogul’s  “bidding”. It just takes one to say no to his obsession with profits and wealth generation at all costs in spite of the measures used to get his targeted objective. This Mogul has no right to treat the rights of any individual with the type of blatant disrespect his “Society’s” types use because of this Mogul’s resources. SOME, WHO WORSHIP RESOURCES MAY HAVE PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE TO THIS MOGUL’S CAUSE FOR AN EASIER LIFE, BUT THE PRICE OF BEING IN HIS “SOCIETY” IS TOO HIGH FOR ME!



This question has significant implications as a result the recent financial experiences and is being re-edited to include a brief mention of the topic of Resolution Authority included in the new financial rule making to add to the powers of regulators to allow them to carry out their previous powers in the case of large financial institutions holding companies as well as to large insurance companies and why in my opinion, the writers did not favor it as the most viable alternative for achieving the desired outcome over the “Living Will” approach. Simply put, the existing method involves making judgments about the appropriate time to step in and take over the affairs of a financial institution that are always going to be second-guessed by shareholders and others with specific interests as oppose to the “Living Will” approach, which is a process to employ that would have certain mechanisms built in to trigger its implementation with regulatorsoversightinstead ofmanaging the process”.   
This question is a valid one deserving of a straightforward answer, so it is being posed in this post to pursue its validity as would be expected in the current environment, therefore the question is being raised. Have real lessons been learned from the recent financial disaster? According to experts in the field, apparently not. The aftermath of the recent financial disaster produced corrective legislation, which included a tough new capital requirement and a new Consumer Agency but can these fixes really prevent a similar debacle from taking place? The honest answer is no one knows in all certainty. What it boils down to, is that after all the recent changes, the ultimate decision still relies on how policy makers, regulators and those critical positions act in the face of such a crisis should another such scenario develop not what they assert in the absence of being put to the test. In the July 13, 2012 edition of that popular daily/weekend Business Publication (A13), two Writers in positions to be knowledgeable of such details point out that IN THE ABSENCE “LIVING WILLS”, THE CONCEPT OF “TOO LARGE TO FAIL” HAS NOT BEEN CREDIBLY ADDRESSED and I agree.
Some may say what about the tougher new capital requirement for all financial institutions? These tough new rules 1st of all won’t be implemented until 2019 and 2nd if greater regulatory “financial” burdens are placed on institutions without a corresponding “Living Will” rule, it is all the more likely that another crisis will necessitate a taxpayer bailout because such a capital requirement was intended to preempt such an occurrence. On the other hand, what a “Living Will” would do in the event of financial distress is to ensure that an orderly wind down of operations take place. Even after all the events that have taken place in the recent financial disaster, such a course of action to prevent a recurrence of a reliance on a taxpayer bailout has not been addressed and this is not fair to taxpayers. This course of action would be a true lesson learned, taxpayers await such a demonstration of courage for those so called Too Big To Fail institutions that act as dictatorial entities unto themselves (allowing the identities/financial history of individual to be carved up and taken over by con artist and others from whom wealth can be assured) need to be left to rely only on their investors to bear the burden of orderly winding them down for the manner in, which they have and still continue to treat taxpayers. THIS IS ONLY FAIR(NESS). 



This chosen subject matter is the focus of this post for the cause of upholding the standard bearers who hold their focus regardless of the tough economic times because if standards bearers (such as the ethical charitable organizations) do not uphold their cause even in tough times and start accepting donations regardless of the source, as documented in the article from that from daily/weekend Business Publication from April 21, 2009 (A17); then they stand to lose authenticity in their chosen fields of work. If such a path is followed, so too will the credibility of such organizations (assuming there is a concern for their reputations among those in this line of work), and as that old saying goes, when the going got tough, the true nature of those doing “good” was(is) revealed as they walked away from their causes.
Those who chose to accept donations from questionable sources in tough times are demonstrating that their operating standards are no better than hose of a certain Mogul who keeps reinventing his own “brand” or version reality to justify his perpetual wealth-generating schemes to cover-up his own “thin” operating standards and the lives of those trampled upon in his quest “new’ ways of generating revenue regardless of the path or method used. Altering one’s standards in any type of condition is a dangerous precedent and potentially can lead to very serious long-term consequences for those who adopt such courses of action.
The marginal operators welcome those that follow such methods because they are less standard bearers around to hold them accountable for the “real” operating practices used in the name of perpetual wealth generation, (such as using the guise of teaching English in a certain Asian country as a pretext for selling the “brand” to a whole new generation of potential customers (as documented in the April 20, 2009 of this same referenced publication (B1/5). It would be VERY interesting to find out what was the original “vehicle” (or basis) used to “sell” this concept to this Asian nation. If Conservery was so used, then further action is warranted to curtail any future of such by this entity and a return of all such funds raised in this manner (reportedly as much as $1000/student annually, the number of students “taught” English by this entity in not known), because if my Proprietorship was the basis for this Mogul’s foray into offering English in this Asian nation this represents a willful violation of my ownership rights while hiding behind a known con artist to continue his perpetual wealth generating based on stealing of identities/qualifications enacted by a critical lieutenant (reportedly waiting in the wings, “staging” all types of the highly ethical scenarios for, which he gained “fame’’ in order to make his triumphant return to his “rightful place” in this Mogul’s hierarchy, when the dust (is completely neutralized) for having implemented this “standstill” identity switching scam successfully - see the posts WHAT FACTORS ARE THE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY as well as USING THE ALTERNATE VIEW TO “SEE” THE REAL OBJECTIVE OF MERGER COUNTER OFFERS). As confirmed by this outline from the question raised in title, those without standards (even those that hide to implement their actions in stealth) always appear to be winners when standards are eliminated, maybe!  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This follow-up to the post MY FATHER'S LEGACY, WHO FULFILLED IT? is being carried out to document for the record, the CONSISTENCY that exists between my stated positions as documented in the previous post, referenced above and this post THE IMPLICATIONS'S OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION'S HISTORY (EDITED - 12/3/2012) - UPDATED W/INSERTS, records and history as documented on the pages of this Blog and shown below in the composite from the Conservery Site from 6/11/2005 to bring CLARITY to an area deliberately "altered" by those in the business of selling the qualification/identities of others as referenced in the post WHAT FACTORS ARE NEEDED FOR ATEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY and those lacking in such and willing to pay for "easily" obtained "legitimacy". 


This follow-up from where this post THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION’S HISTORY (EDITED - 12/3/2012) UPDATED ended Is being carried out to include a summary of my experiences as pictured through the eyes of my brother, Paul in response to my earlier letter in, which I indicted that it was because of his educational example (in going back to school at UWI, Cave Hill after working for a number of years - see the highlighted section of the post MY FATHER’S LEGACY - WHO FILLED IT?) that gave me the encouragement to pursue this path myself but in the US. He candidly described the circumstances that I entered and endured to completed my studies (see the below letter),

The word above should be "DESCRIBING" 
Note: The Handwriting on this Envelope was that of my brother's original Wife Edith, who would use this method to get Paul to respond to correspondence (addressing the envelopes as a  reminder) since he never did like writing letters. 
unlike those (and their Supporters) who believe in easily obtained everything without having ever having to endure anything apart from publishing a “story” and then attempting to convince a “gullible” public of “legitimacy” (in two identities) because there is a host of other “Society’s” types propping up the fictional IDENTITY CRUTCH driven lives of such types so it must be “real”. However, if the background of the two-faced murals (of what is being relied on for the histories of the lives of these types) is observed, the twists and turns being relied on for the stories to even be tolerable are shockingly unbelievable. Hence the need for relying on constant advertising for the double realities of these “Society’s” types (as documented in the post WHAT FACTORS ARE THE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY). YOU CANNOT SIMPLY AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS ABSORB THE IDENTITY, QUALIFICATIONS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ANOTHER BY “CHERRY PICKING” WITHOUT EVER HAVING GONE THROUGH THEIR EXPERIENCES, BOTH HIGHS AND LOWS.



To even attempt to carry out such a mission, there are certain essential factors that have to be in place, such as: first factor is the availability for influencing the political process for the highest elected office in the land, the second factor, be sure that there is the ready 215% percent support of a certain Mogul known for his own “brand” of standards (see the post WHEN DISTRESSED CONDTIONS ARE ALLOWED TO OCCUR, AMENDED), and who is known for publicly voicing total support for and confidence in the methodology of a “critical” lieutenant (of MidAmerican Energy) even after being caught in the midst of unethical conduct and later had to resign), third rely on the thinking that advertising is a viable avenue to be relied on for achieving ANY desired outcome whether ethical or unethical, fourth be sure that if any collateral damage results (such as an individual whose identity is being decimated) either have such “collateral damage” “neutralized” (or contained) as well as rendered defenseless and fifth ensure that a cover-up mindset is established in the environment of choice. With these factors critical to the success of such a venture firmly in place the task at hand can be pursued because implementation is the most difficult part in this venture since obtaining the needed ingredients is not difficult once a target is selected.
Assuming all the necessary “boring” details such as identity switching/replacement in various locations, layoffs of those familiar with the “real” history, making quid pro deals, removing/replacing critical individuals are established etc., the main act can be carried out to convince the public of the new “truth”.
If you are in an environment that even considered pursuing such a challenge, public opinion is key to this bold undertaking in a type of reverse “Robin Hood” gamble of sorts and anything that even remotely threatens to convey a different picture of “Utopia” than otherwise portrayed must be carefully managed. For example, if the headline story in a certain popular daily/weekend Business Publication from July 18, 2012 focuses on the CEO from this State who embezzled approximately $215 million of his clients funds and is reported to have stated that famous line or sorts from a sitcom of years gone by in effect “the regulators made me do it”; ensure that in that same edition a story is carried, in a remote section (D) showing that a Professor from your State maintains a lifestyle that involves residences in two different states simultaneously in an article about gardening (with the other being a summer house in the “coincidental” state of Connecticut, but who cares about “facts” checking of such accounts), the thought has been “planted”. From this carefully “planted” and “thinly” veiled account, the “leap” is supposed to be made that “an individual can live in two principal residences, carry on two different lives (in different identities) achieve two different outcomes and that this is all a common occurrence. These are the lengths “Society’s” types have to go to in the name of easily obtained everything and have to be constantly “padding” their stories to account for the missing gaps that repeatedly occur, (but that is why the 215% support back-up is available), to plug all the “gaps” that routinely occur in their publicly advertised stories in order to keep up this “brand” of altered events. IT WOULD APPEAR IN HINDSIGHT THAT INSTANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AREN’T AS EASILY OBTAINED AS AT FIRST APPEARED AFTER ALL, (see the post WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY? ).