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Monday, July 16, 2012


This update to the previous post, GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY is in reality a retraction and to demonstrate in the measure another example of consistency. Since in the comment # 1 from 11/22/2012 on the COMMENTS Page, confirms that the mailing of this Next Day Mail Social Security Administration's  office was initiated on my behalf via the receipt shown and should have arrived as it was mailed and NOT with any association to fictional Mr & Mrs. James B. Brazant. This mail sent to the Social Security Service Administration (SSA) in one name form and was returned here to 8263 140th Ave, in a completely different “Society’s” fictitious format as documented repeatedly in this Blog, in effect giving “life” to this fictional branch of those who are professing to be legitimate bearers of my name, accomplishments, etc. in a brazen act of “State supported identity theft” . This conclusion has been determined since the application of social security records is an indication of legitimacy, the conference of such to a name initiated due to an "error" on business cards (see the post CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS), is a definite indication of “State” supported identity theft. The purpose of this follow-up is to document for the record that, the mailing of the original letter shown in the initial post on this subject and on the COMMENTS page as indicated previously was actually mailed at THE ANAMOSA POST OFFICE VIA EXPRESS MAIL with tracking No. ED 290879237 US and not the Olin Post Office as earlier indicated (see below photo) and the consistency between the Express Mail Receipt and the Letter of 1/26/2005 can be clearly seen. 
Express Mail Tracking Receipt for Mailing of the Social Security Administration Letter of 1/26/05 for Name Form Corrections - see below

Letter to SSA Transmitted Via the Express Mail Receipt Shown Above on 1/26/2005

 Response Received From SSA on 2/17/2005 in the "Society's" Fictitious Identity
Furthermore, the Clerk’s signature here is an indication of the accuracy of the mailing information on the receipt as well as on the letter included here for emphasis. If the path of this letter can be “tracked”via the unique "Tracking Number" (included above) using all available methods, it can be determined where the letter mailed as shown, “magically” became communication from Mr. & Mrs. James B. Brazant to continue and give “life” to this hoax termed “new truth”, in this Blog [see the series of posts on the subject UPDATED ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED].    


J_F_Brazant said...


J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

Could it be that the “real” “unsatisfactory relationship” being depicted in this USSBIA letter of April 14, 2005 included in the post EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY (link on COMMENTS Page), refers back to the fact that mail fraud occurred as documented here in this post because as depicted in the below photo of the receipt from that transaction (on COMMENTS Page), it was paid by personal check and the Institution was protecting itself, from the fraud that it knew that had occurred? This is the only fraudulent action that took place that would have caused the Institution to go into full panic mode especially since: 1) the transaction had been for paid by check and 2) it had already been involved in altering financial records to cover-up the method of purchase of the vehicle in 2005 as documented in this Blog’s posts. This was indeed, not only “unsatisfactory” but completely illegal and therefore closing account and preventing me from reopening a simple financial account again was the only answer, in the minds of these “Society’s” thugs, who are of the opinion that it is their domain to play “god” in the lives of others whose rights they have trampled on in unspeakable terms. This is another glaring example of the need for reform in the electoral selection process as documented in the post THE ELECTION IN SUMMATION - UPDATED (link on COMMENTS Page), not just having those who have participated in these criminal actions resign (this is placing a band aid on cancer).

J_F_Brazant said...

Those “Society’s” types who believe in EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY (link on COMMENTS Page) are of the opinion that planning and implementing their usual criminal activities (by hook or by crook) will provide them with the objectives of their “dreams”, total possession of the identity, achievements and desired possessions of those whom they are defrauding. This is what happens when, you base your entire “legitimacy” on “a needle in a haystack” hoping against hope that the needle will not be discovered. However, when it’s discovered and found to be without “thread” scheming is all they have left. That is why it is so important not place one’s “credibility” on mail fraud! As previously stated this was your decision entirely and you (“Society’s” types) have to live with the consequences of your actions, because it is never too late to live in the “real” world, in, which actual skills and accomplishments are required (this excludes criminal activities)!

J_F_Brazant said...

It is always very clear when “Society’s” types are involved in anything because there are NO standards and anything goes. For instance, even if I did not physically mail a package and it was paid for via check #2738 as the below statement indicates (photo on COMMENTS Page), regardless of who paid for the service at that time it was carried out; at that time it was done with my input and my letter on behalf of my interests and you were not authorized to intercept it and alter the contents after it was mailed, while somehow thinking that the use of “hollow” names enables the cover-up of obvious fraud. The details documented in the Federal Recognized, Agency the USNRC knowledgeable of who worked at the Plant overries your hollow name games, (see comment # 2 from 11/21/2012 on THIS Page). As previously stated, there is a “real” world, with actual standards and criteria that is more than using advertising s a means of “legitimacy”. As a result, returning the mailed information in a fictitious “Society’s” type name is not permitted because the PAYMENT WAS AUTHORIZED BY ME, period. As previously stated “Society’s” types are of the opinion that as long as they can hide behind an army of their types and use “hollow” name games; by waving a wand, magically fraud did not occur. Well the time has come that the use of “hollow” names as an IDENTITY CRUTCH to defraud is unacceptable. You cannot remove yourselves from the “real” world responsibility of the mail fraud that was perpetrated by your types and call it willpower, what nonsense. MAIL FRAUD IS MAIL FRAUD it’s not ‘legitimate”, legally accepted simply because you think that my rights are somehow non-existent because you (“Society’s” types have decided to take them away). I do not believe in coincidences, and the closing of all the accounts at the financial institution in question exactly seventy eight (78) days after the fraud was committed, appears to an attempt to cover-up my entry into the USA on the part of those “Society’s” types desirous also removing themselves from taking responsibility for the actions of another one your types in Vermont, who acted just as arrogant as you (“Society’s” types) are doing now. That is why the letter was written subtly on the 14th. I am truly sorry, but inappropriate behavior is not covered-up simply by creating con artists, altering historical records, providing such with fictional records from my country of birth (who has about a dozen different stories about his history, or lack thereof). Mangling the history of my former spouse’s “family’ history into mine is also fraud even if a deal was made with anyone in my family to do so. It is really now very clear why these types of practies are being carried out, because for "society's" types anything goes, because it can always be covered up down the road. Well, closing all my accounts to cover up mail fraud and ultimately disrespectful behavior by a inept executive is a gross misuse of political power and again, is a clear demonstration that change is needed in the political first in the nation Primary and Caucus system, as documented in the post THE ELECTION IN SUMMATION - UPDATED (link on COMMENTS Page).