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Saturday, July 14, 2012


“Me-ism” mentality is in short, unfortunately how individuals today operate,
Such individuals can’t show appreciation, which excludes “me” as a dictate, 
This fact is reflected in the separation and divorce rate, which shows, we can’t accommodate,
Unfortunately, those of my gender are usually those who don’t facilitate.
Though this is not true in every case of those who manipulate,
Sadly, those of the other gender have come to accept this role for themselves, alas,
And go out of their way to be callous perpetrators to achieve “class”,
Without realizing how much they “cheapen”, all of their “caste”,
When “adorned” outwardly, but in reality reduced to being simply one of Madam’s “stash”,
Or those who “feel” pressured into thinking that to achieve success, personal dignity has to cave,
In order to survive in a “Society” that rewards thugs and those who “worship” such and call it brave,
Oh, for the day when a better example can be fostered and uplifted,
To rise above and show others they don’t have to settle for “Society’s” vacillators, who have become dated.

References for this figurative depiction of self-centeredness were based on the following posts:

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J_F_Brazant said...

My son worked his usual Saturday shift today. This update to this post is being made for those whose identities are based on “fraud” “lies”, stealing (see post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK - link on COMMENTS Page), “deception” and thuggishly unethical practices (see the post WHEN WILL IT ALL END? - link on COMMENTS Page), and have to resort to tarnishing the reputations of the innocent in order to maintain their illicitly obtained identities in this self-centered “Society”, for the sake of those who “prop” them up in their “virtual” identities, and accordingly benefit financially, significantly from maintaining this “Society”. From this perspective, sending low-flying, photo-taking aircraft to take “doctored pictures” to misplace my son and try to justify him in some location where he has never been, is definitely an act of desperation in an attempt to achieve legitimacy for those with finances, incomes and dwelling arrangements that don’t add up legitimately.