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Sunday, June 10, 2012


There are those who unfortunately, have bought into the false reality of the "virtual" society and its supporters, whose “formula for success” is THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, regardless of how brutal the methods are (see CRISES INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER), and they will be protected in the fictitious world of our impostor-controlled society. In this world anything goes as long as it achieves their ultimate goal, whether its vandalism, “thugism”, sexism or forms of terrorism, (see the posts CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY? and WHEN IS TOO MUCH ASSISTANCE NOT THE BEST?). Some fall-in-line rather than loose control of their long held family business and “play ball” with this world of thugs when examples are made of this long-held family business that left it “reeling and limping” as a result of a strategically targeted tire scheme, or else. Where will it all end? Every business, idea, identity or associated qualifications targeted by those in this society who have “drunken from the trough” of its proponents are “snapped up”, while the “real” owners are left helpless of sorts by the wayside (if they are so kind to you) and be forced to accept these impostors or else be made examples of and most chose to play along as long as they choose to “worship” the so-called “Ogre of Panama” and given the "aire" of success according to his “gospel”, no matter whose blood, sweat and ears they trampled on along the way, either literally or figuratively. IT WILL END WHEN OTHERS CHOOSE TO STAND UP TO THIS SUBTLE AND IN SOME CASES NOT-SO-SUBTLE HIJACKING OF THE SOCIETY’S BUSINESS, WHICH IN TURN CONTROL THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT AND LAWS THAT RESULT.

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