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Monday, April 23, 2012


Targeting the legitimacy of others,
Because that is what you lack with “Fodders”,
Is not the path to achieve Constitution “rooters”.
Furthermore, manipulating events and staging accidents,
Neither brings credibility, nor precedents.
In addition, playing “god” is not the “right” of those who are moral decadents,
To use “virtuals” who are given a wink and a nod,
To employ any means necessary, even a vehicular “prod”,
In bringing about their ultimate objective, identity fraud.
Therefore, they run too and fro in search of legal covering,
For a means of imprisoning others via subtle maneuvering,
By using circumstantial “confining”,
To pull-off identity transferring,
And attempting to overwhelm the legitimate with carefully managed “crises”,
In order to “sideline” them using methods straight out of “Hitlees” vices,
That has been used before with liabilities,
To allow “virtuals” to walk away with “clean” chosen stolen credit histories,
And now being attempted, via a carefully managed injury,
To pretend that my Daughter was always in her current State by “perjury”,
Is being exposed for the farce that it is by the below photo livery.

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