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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What do “virtuals” do when they cannot get their way to demonstrate legitimacy as they have been maintained all along? The progress made by a brain traumatized patient is magnified, accelerated and her status is hurried and rushed in order that her decision-making can be manipulated by self-centered individuals and other tax dodgers, who front for identity thieves and imposters and their “gatekeepers” [to defraud legitimate individuals whose tax refund is held up (now going on nine weeks) to give these impostors time to manipulate Danielle for their schemes]. In reality, my Daughter, who I would like to make “real” progress to pursue her own decisions, is currently not at any point in her rehabilitation to be making major decisions as she has significant challenges ahead of her (as her Assessment documented and I witnessed), that required much  less in the hands of those who have to manipulate her in order to pursue their agenda.

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J_F_Brazant said...

Those whose agendas are "questionable" are quick to "label" those who ask seriously probing questions when all else fails, especially since Labels and Numbers are so significant to the "virtual" society. (See the post The Significance of Labels and Numbers in Today's Virtual Society).