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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Knowing the penchant these “virtuals” have for the LABELS AND NUMBERS as indicted in the subject, a disturbing trend appears. First, if the January 24, 2001 accident on the eve of our Trinidad trip is examined in detail, (see TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASON FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS) (in, which Danielle was a passenger of the rental vehicle), what stands out as a contributing factor is the VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, (a GERMAN vehicle), registered in Washington State but driven by a Wisconsin stunt driver. Now, if the March 4, 2012 accident involving my Daughter as the lone occupant of the vehicle, according to Cedar Rapids Police Department Reports (see below photo included) from the day of the

Cedar Rapids Police Department Update of 3/4/2012 "Accident" in Exceptional Detail
accident, what unique tit bit emerges is that there just so happened to be forty-nine (49) accidents on that "brain-altering accident” day. Now, if I am not mistaken 49 also happens to be the international telephone code number for GERMANY.
 As previously stated in posts in this Blog, I do not believe in coincidences, (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER  THINGS - UPDATED) or as the monthly focus for February indicates, most developments that appear to be coincidences are usually in effect, carefully orchestrated other things. This in my opinion is a just another carefully woven, MESSAGE SENDING event (see THE SIGNS OF SPRING AT 8263 140TH AVENUE), meant to say, look, we can bring about anything and get away with it, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it because we are superior (as Hitler always maintained). This is not intended to imply that all persons of this heritage are believers in these methods, but only those who have ADOPTED these methods today (or have had documented histories of being praised and/or benefited from those methodologies). AS PREVIOUSLY STATED IN THIS BLOG, THE DAY COMES WHEN ALL SUCH METHODOLOGIES ARE BROUGHT TO LIGHT (see RIGHTS GONE WRONG - UPDATED). 

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