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Friday, December 30, 2011


I have learned from my experiences not to take developments for granted especially coincidences. Therefore, when I was delayed at my then place of employment on the morning of January 24, 2001, (the day prior to the scheduled trip to Trinidad), where I had stopped by to visit; only leaves me to question the subsequent events that occurred. I had only one other scheduled event that day, dropping off my then vehicle, a blue 1999 Expedition (shown in this 2001 Purchase Agreement below as the trade-in vehicle), 
This Purchase Agreement for the 2001 Replacement Expedition that Replaced the 1999 Model Shown in this Agreement as the Trade-in Vehicle, which bears my Signature.

for front-end, bodywork type repairs. The rental obtained was a Windstar minivan that was supposed to be dropped off at the airport the following day.
It was while on the way back home that the “accident” occurred on Route 64 about 5 miles east of Anamosa, and a short distance from the turn off for 140th Avenue, (which is approximately 7 miles east of Anamosa). 
This Accident Report from January 24, 2001 Shows the Unusal Combination of individuals/States and an Excerpt of the Report with the Applicable Information Enlarged and Shown Below the Report.

This unusual combination that involved a Volkswagon Jetta owned by Johanna A. Brigham, whose then address was 4327 Indipipe, LP#D-414D, Olympia, WA 98505 (in, which she was an occupant), but driven by “stunt” driver Raymond J. Towle of 717 Dickinson Street, Madison, WI 53703 that slammed into the rental and totaled it. We miraculously escaped injury and the scheduled trip went ahead as planned, but with another rental having to be obtained (see trip memorabilia below) .
The Above Details Depict Examples of the Arrival Passport Stamps in Addition to the Departure Tax/Exempt Documents for the 1/25/2001 - 2/5/2001 Trip. 
This significant (in my opinion) intra-State “collaboration” that led these individuals to be in the appropriate location at the opportune time, which includes the timely delay at my then place of employment, leaves too many unanswered questions for me to associate the Proprietorship with any of the locations involved (for the obvious reasons).

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