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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


There are those who either aren’t aware of all the details associated with identity mangling or don’t care that everything comes with unintended consequences. For example, the individuals using their “virtual identities” in my family name, thinking that just because my Mother and Father had birth years of a certain period, being approximately three years (3) apart and just around or prior to World War 1 (WW1); assumed them to be their parents without realizing that my parents married older because he went off to “seek his fortune” as mentioned in the post A TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER and she waited for his return. Neither of them had offspring outside their marriage, even though my father’s ancestry included this practice. Therefore those (seventy somethings and others) hiding behind my parents identities because off their birth years should remember that we are not all alike and have to make choices that determine our direction in life. This is another of the dangers of assuming “virtual” identities; all the various scenarios have the potential to “pop up” and expose your fakery and the usual practice of spending ill-gotten finances (in assumed identities), cannot cover-up the facts you are always attempting to bury.

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