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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This post supplements Social Networking & Relationships but deserves a posting of its own FOR THE RECORD. Since my follow-up action was taken to close my personal/biz Facebook account to truly make a personal statement about the subject matter, credited with providing the impetus for this Blog; I have received the (assuming) customary email indicating that I could return at any time to pick up where I left off. (The previous occasion I was informed in writing (also shown below) about returning to pursue an activity, it was done with “tongue in cheek”). However, that is not going to happen because its impossible for this Entity to change its operational model, and returning with the current emphasis as discussed would be comparable to “stomping” all over, a position advocated. I offer my previous position describing “Thoughts About Relocation” modified for this scenario, included below, in response:  

Thoughts About Moving On
Once the door has been closed to any activity,
I will not be caught again in that sensitivity.
For those who think that hiding behind my communication,
Is the avenue to achieve evolution;
Success will evade you in this dilution.
And for those who willingly chose co-dependency,
This path will not attain the sought after regency;
Because my withdrawal is final,
And cannot be undone by anyone, not even by a jackal.
For those who think that sneaky action,
Will lead to satisfaction;
A new avenue has been started,
To leave behind the departed!
Letter Closing the State of VT Investigat​ion Discussed in Detail in Identity Switching Over the Years Compacted For The Record From 12/20/1990

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