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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Is today's society "virtual" or not? Follow the details in this Posting & answer the question at the conclusion. How many of those in positions of authority/high profile can actuaIly point to memorabilia from their school years? In these days when qualifications and even identities can be borrowed from others (who are treated with contempt for sounding the alarm), how many of those in leadership positions can actually point to memorabilia from their years at school, which is actually theirs & not "doctored"? In doing a search of old videos, I discovered this vintage video of the Secretary from her days at Wellesley (shown below with the caption, "HR(C) 1969 Commencement Speech"). How many others can point to such memorabilia? In my opinion, there appears to be a "cottage industry" of "high profile" individuals who only have "virtual qualifications", that is, obtained without attending school themselves, but who are provided with qualifications belonging to others, (alive or deceased) in exchange for total loyalty. I stumbled unto this scenario because of the identity-related issues encountered as documented in postings, “IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD” & MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD ON/OFF LINE – A SYMPTOM OF “WEB” ADVANCES.
In describing “memorabilia” I am NOT referring to degrees, which can be “purchased” for the right price/contribution. Instead I am referring the supporting data to back-up qualifications “earned”. These individuals who have questionable qualifications in this subculture are in turn placed in very high profile positions to avoid “exposure”, because in such positions you can be assured of protection and support from others who achieve this level of attainment, (who may also have suspect qualifications, so in effect “they are circling wagons” to protect each other). In addition, these individuals are given every available award under the sun and/or are placed on “volumes” of corporate boards to cover up theirs or another’s failings, whom they may be protecting (in the case of the “window dresser” who is protecting impostors & other corporate questionable ethical activity).
Personally, I can point to memorabilia from my years at school [SHOWN BELOW IN (2) FILES], first at TCI and then my transfer to Pratt Institute from 1978 through 1981, but maybe I am an exception because of my record-keeping habit. My credit requirements were completed in three (3) years because of the manner in, which they were carried out including attending summer school. I am personally aware of one “identity dodger” who was given Ellis Island & Horatio Algee awards towards the end of the 20th century & who subtly mentioned in an article that he also achieved his degree in electrical engineering in three (3) years & after this the merger finally was worked out. I wonder whose degree he was using to “pad” his qualifications with (because I do not believe in coincidences)? My other concern with these “virtual leaders" is since they are impostors, who receives their documented salaries/bonuses, because the corporations do NOT have to pay these frauds, making this a “windfall” for the organizations to keep these reportedly “high” salaries/bonuses. It’s a system worth protecting, at any lengths. Is our “virtual” society more believable, what do you think? If this Blog does nothing more than expose this “underground” (or cottage) industry in “virtual” qualifications then my experiences would have been worth it.

Memorabilia From My Years of Attendance At TCI & Pratt Institute From 1978 - 1981. 
 This file contains additional memorabili​a from my school attendance​, which documented my transition​al address 2425 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, (this was the address of my senior Lecturer, the late Mr. Abelew who encouraged me to complete my undergradu​ate studies & remain at his & his adopted Jamaican daughter’s weekday residence if needed to convince my family in Barbados that it was worth the effort so I did.) It was there that applicatio​ns were made at Brooklyn Polytechni​c @ Pratt & where all applicable arrangemen​ts were carried out to ensure acceptance finally at Pratt. Even initial financial transactio​ns from my family in Barbados were carried from that address as shown as welI, that culminated in the acceptance letter dated SEPTEMBER 11, 1980, also shown. The Schedule from my initial semester as well as my summer semester Course Catalog & the approval letter from the Government of Barbados, which finally came through, dated May 22, 1981 is also depicted.

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J_F_Brazant said...

It was NOT at my request that a community of impostors & their supporters took up residence behind my identity/accomplishments. If You had the decency to ask, the answer would have been, “seek elsewhere”, instead of playing “HIDE & SEEK” behind every action that I take, committing every illegal act under the sun to try at all costs to prove legitimacy to all that either have been misled wittingly or unwittingly by You &/or your Supporters. Remember when YOU CHOSE CO-DEPENDENCY IDENTITIES willingly, You made yourselves subject to every action your Host carries out ETHICALLY to rid himself from his “UNWANTED GUESTS”.