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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AN EXAMPLE OF RECONCILIATION - UPDATED 10/3/2014 & 7/21 & 7/22/2015

This posting was intended to be a comment to THOUGHTS ABOUT DECISIONS AND BUSINESS DIRECTION but the included links and the subject matter required that it be stand-alone Post. For those who don’t understand how reconciliation works, please take note:
Weeks before the Optimization plan was implemented at my former pIace of employment, the DAEC, Palo, nuclear plant, a salary incremental plan was rolled out, which showed that my salary would have been averaging approximately $70,000.00 annually (that is in 2001/02 dollars).
The indicated Optimization Plan that was implemented shortly after the "Roll-Out" and targeted me (
in my opinion, shown below), because even though it was documented as being carried out Departmental-wide it was curtailed after targeting the (Program) Section where I worked only.
This Organization (the Operators/Owners) of the DAEC, proceeded to “imprison” me financially and implement an identity-switching plan (that had been in progress for some time), as their means to achieve it.
Without taking inflation, bonuses, (which
I never accepted, example shown below) into account, the approximate 11 years I was “wrongfully-terminated” (or Optimized) is worth approximately $70,000.00 x 12 = $840,000.00 - $44,000.00 (the approximate “amount received" as part of their Lay-off Package), = $796,000.00 (AND NOT EVEN INCLUDING INCREASES THAT I WOULD HAVE GAINED OVER THE YEARS), in addition to a letter of explanation with wording agreeable to both parties.

That is what it would take for me to even consider working with anyone associated with my former place of employment (or to level the playing field so to speak). That is reconciliation and it brings no guarantees that any form of cooperation will occur, only that I will consider it.
Apart from that, NOTHING will give their “virtual” impostors legitimacy in my Proprietorship, including attempting to hide behind: 1) my “personal” - choices to give the appearance of politicization, 2) my estranged spouse's identity as being born a Brazant instead of being a Brazant by marriage, in an attempt
to use education to subtly connect and 3) manipulating members of my “family” including any of my adult children.

Confidentiality Agreements signed with both Alliant Energy & NMC as Employers. Note, for better clarity these same Agreements can be viewed as photos as part of the 2nd bulleted insert of the listing from the Here are the Background Details section of the post WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THOSE "SWEEPING" CHANGES SUPPOSED TO OCCUR IN THE ELECTRIC UTILITY INDUSTRY - EDITED/UPDATED AND AMENDED?      .

This File Documents the Beginning of Conservery as Well as the End of the Offering of Conservery​'s Education Services on February 7, 2011 and ultimately, the closing o the Office at 8263 14oth Ave, Olin, IA on December 31, 2011 and finally the dropping of all the Proprietorship's services offerings apart from ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS making all of the documents above OUTDATED.

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