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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Absence of Social Ethics in Today's Business Environment

Why it is that some ORGANIZATIONS ignore the repeated requests of the same clientele they are purporting to be trying to serve for the purpose of ACHIEVINGTHEIR OWN OBJECTIVES”?  I have made repeated requests for the Manta organization of Ohio, to cease sending emails to my email address “ostensibly with beneficial information to my Proprietorship”. How can an Organization, PROVIDE INFORMATION to me, 1) THAT I DID NOT REQUEST &, 2) WHICH REQUIRES ACTION ON MY PART TO INITIATE, 3) AND SUCH PERMISSION WAS WITHHELD & 4) THEN PROCEED TO TRY TO TELL ME THAT THIS ILLICITLY OBTAINED INFORMATION IS BENEFICIAL TO MY BUSINESS? How did present-day organizations become so arrogant IN SPITE OF LEGAL CODES, as TO IGNORE, REPEATEDLY CONVEYED REQUESTS of prospective customers & carry out their own agenda (in the best interest of prospective clients)? Something is incredibly wrong with businesses today, who “PLAY ALMIGHTY PROVIDERS” and appear to be entities answerable to no one, WITHOUT CONCERN FOR the LIVES, LIVELIHOOD & RIGHTS of those who may not be in positions to impede these who consider themselves the “forders” of our society. THIS IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF NON-EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN TODAY’S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. 

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