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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Networking & Relationships

Earlier today I had occasion to comment on the results of a recent study in Wired Magazine  issued around November 22, 2011 by a Social Network Leader, [see It's A Small(er) World After All], which implied that individuals were more connected, because of large numbers of social network connections they appear to generate. This Blog was started to ensure that the real intent (as compacted for another Social Network, Information Distribution Leader is not misunderstood). My comment focused on the implied premise that large numbers of followers imply people being more connected; which I disagree with simply because it is NOT ONLY impossible to have meaningful relationships with volumes of individuals, BUT ALSO reduces the importance of relationships to superficiality, in my opinion.


J_F_Brazant said...

Gauging a relationship is critical to its long-term survival & ultimate success, because if it isn't "ROUNDED" it's unlikely to last, in my opinion. There has to be something on-going that those involved share in common, whether it's a cause, activity, etc. or whatever, which both are either passionate about or deeply committed to that makes the other areas worthwhile otherwise it's unlikely to ultimately coalesce but will disintigrate. This is the experience of divorcing after 29-plus years of marriage.

J_F_Brazant said...

This Post was updated to state that 1) relationships are complex, 2) take time to develop & 3) for them to really work much time and effort is required, which many are not able to invest for one reason or another, that is why the type of “friending” mentality in existence today due to modern-day social networks; relegates meaningful relationships to sheer triviality, in my opinion. For example, individuals all bring their unique personalities (or what I refer to as their “liens”) with them in their relationships & often, some find it difficult to overcome their pasts (because we are all shaped by events in our upbringing. For example, some men are “mama’s boys”, which is not always evident, because this comes in many forms, with many deep-seated issues, which some are unable to overcome & in-turn transfer them to their spouses/partners to the detriment of their relationships. Whatever resentments existed that was (or could) not (be) expressed to a mother, [for example to take an at random example, of one who did everything for her son to right/correct all his wrongs/mistakes, etc., who in-turn is expecting his spouse/partner to do the same, who may also have difficulty in confusing the difference between physical attraction & “real” meaningful involvement therefore “heaven forbid” the individual who finds herself in this type of suffocating expectations relationship, to ever want a “life of her own”; all of the frustrations this individual have would be(are)] compounded against this spouse/partner, to whom little respect is shown. Furthermore, if the spouse/partner, with her own upbringing “hang-ups” have to deal with these deep-seated issues along with her own, she is “fighting a loosing battle”, that is why the superficiality of the typical social network emphasis on volumes of “friends” is really meaningless when the more completed picture of “relationships” with all its complexities is examined, as stated at the outset.

J_F_Brazant said...

It would be REMISS of me if I did not add that the Social Network Leader whose “Study”, I am giving credit to for this Blog’s start-up (of sorts) & it’s associates have been (VERY) less than thrilled by my Blog of their subject matter, in my opinion.

J_F_Brazant said...

Quite often we simply complain about circumstances without following through on our convictions. However, instead of simply complaining about the trivializing of relationships at the Social Network Leader, (which I realize could be interpreted as an “attack on their business model”), this however, was not my intent. My only issue was on the relationship aspect only without any other consideration. With this in mind, I closed my business & personal accounts at this Social Network Leader, effective immediately to be consistent with my convictions. The Study was just an impetus for me to follow through with the initiating of this Blog but this has become much broader in its scope as is clearly evident.