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This Blog is devoted to broad social topics that impact the daily lives of our society generally and about, which there is relevance for individuals today. In addition, the material used in this Blog is original, based on my experiences mainly (unless otherwise stated). As a result, there is no single object "traditional" or otherwise being used for "legitimacy", such as a specific job offer (reflecting a specific point in time), or a misprint In a Business Card, as well as any such detail, which I am using to define me (and neither should anyone else) instead these contents show actual historical defining events (not based on the life of any other individual). Finally, my material does not depent on the "imprisonment" of any individual for my "legitimacy" to be valid. For this I NEED NO ASSISTANCE FROM ANY BROAD GROUP OF SUPPORTERS TO DEFINE WHO I AM, THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE BY MY MOTHER'S AND FATHER'S UPBRINGING, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT. IF ANYTHING USED ON THIS BLOG'S PAGES HAS MISLED ANY INDIVIDUAL, PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES, IT'S UNINTENTIONAL.  

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