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Thursday, December 15, 2011


To the future, not the past. I don't listen to gossip, but believe individuals should be given the opportunity if I so choose; sometimes this point-of-view works & on others, it does not!


I will not go down that road again,

To place myself in a situation to cause me pain,

In different ways, for the benefit of anyone’s gain.

Relationships are complicated enough,

Without seeking any lady who knows only too well how to bluff.   

Including anyone who also feign wishes;

Only for the purpose of bringing about stitches,

And to cover-up involvement,

In a complex compartment.

So this is adieu, for something that never was intended,

Because experience has thought me that “virtual” relationships are not to be befriended.

P.S. – My Reason

Remember, exacting your “pound of flesh” can be costly,

Even if you have valid reasons to be dastardly.

It can also imprison you to a lonely life,

And constant strife; 

Especially if you choose to maintain a certain “label”,

Without, which no other individual can truly become able.

Remember the lesson from my situation,

From those who imprisoned me in a financial station.

When another is imprisoned for your advantage,

You will also become imprisoned to that individual as a hostage.

And in this I can see no “virtual” clear direction,

To stick around for, that will ultimately lead to satisfaction.
Because that certain label offers an appeal,
And it is such an easy "steal".
However, it carries a heavy price,
In terms of a happy life, with traditional rice!

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J_F_Brazant said...

My removal of the latter part of “Fresh Start” containing a specific location's preference; should neither be interpreted as an endorsement of nor a reversal of the previous position on that subject matter; it was removed only to emphasize the information shown.