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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Misdirecting legitimate email communication,
Is not the avenue for achieving validation,
For locations rejected because of complication,
Involving the use of duplicity,
And showing blatant disregard for actuality.
Furthermore, the promoting of questionable candidates;
Who give support to virtual degenerates,
Is not the path to impose,
A plan that could not be less grandiose.
We all have choices to make, and bad decisions will not be vindicated,
By using Conservery as a hostage, to be syndicated,
In a world that is supposed to be respectful,
Of diversity and gender equality, especially when you are supposed to be bountiful.
And only using selective “ready-made” appearances,
To give the impression that such objectives are included in tolerances.
These actions are similar to those who don’t believe in freedom,
But only give the facade of such a kingdom.
How can we really talk of freedom really?
When all the candidates save 1 are vaguely,
From the same camp definitely!
And polls are manipulated certainly,
To bring about predetermined selections,
In a world of pseudo elections.
For when the choices are certainly restricted,
And all roads to the process are constricted,
To ensure that the result is guarded;
There can only be an outcome that’s tailor-made,
For an individual who has already become _______ (fill in the blank).

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