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Monday, December 12, 2011


This file (also shown below) was intended to be a link to to the post MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD ON/OFF LINE – A SYMPTOM OF “WEB” ADVANCES, however because of its length, it was given a Posting of its own. This File shows identity switching/alteration over many years, now realized by CONNECTING...THE...DOTS as follows: 1) my Reapplication for my missing Social Security # & how my replacement card in my full legal name was the beginning of my identity alteration in 1991, 2) when the attempt was finally made to correct this name format by my letter of 1/26/2005 to the HHS, it was intercepted after being mailed and altered as the response received (on 2/17/2005) in the name of a "fictional James B. Brazant" (shown below)

indicates, (that had first been a misprint in requested business cards (shown in Connecticut, in 1988) now given “life” @ the Federal level, @ my expense), 3) the State of Iowa then followed up and recognized this individual as being legitimate with communication to this address with correspondence received on 5/11/2005, and to add insult to injury a local Attorney's office then inserted this “fictional" individual's name into my financial affairs by communicating to me in the name of this character to place it into the credit system fraudulently in correspondence dated 1/11/2006 even thought the Signature Card shows that this name does NOT exist, 4) this systematic ID alteration that had been on-going also shows a fraudulent credit rejection for the motor home (see below) purchased in 1997
Memorabilia Documenting RV Purchase
with a rejection mailed to this address in the name of another fictional individual Jim F. Branzant on 11/21/97,  but this allowed these ID THIEVES to issue the loan in my professional name Jim Brazant (another questionable action, which a Bank Official informed later was fraudulent) & efforts were initiated to address this to no avail because you really discover how Corporations cover their tracks (see an example of institutional financial cover-up below). The motor home was later stolen and turned into the local RV Dealer (Lasso E) to allow these ID impostors to gain credibility in their "virtual identities". These impostors have many supporters with deep pockets, because the RV was removed from this property under the guise of legitimate activity, 5) this second fictional surname form was recently subtly used on the distribution of my current divorce proceedings shown dated 10/27/2011 to keep this identity switching on-going even today at the County Courthouse; and 6) a copy of the communication from the State of Vermont (see below) closing the investigation due to circumstances, (which are still being played out today

Letter from State's Human Rights Commission Closing Investigation Due to Extenuating Circumstances 
that I believe is the basis for the ID switching I am still being faced with even today). The scenario involved a then senior VP of a local financial institution, Mr. Alan Wing who refused to meet with me after seeing me even though the appointment had been set up by the local University of Vermont Extension Officer and he was overheard telling the Receptionist of the meeting. Rather than have an "inept" Officer of the then Community National Bank accept responsibility for his/their action, they have spent the past twenty-two (22) years first searching for and then altering/switching identities to try to pretend either that either I should have never been in the Bank in the first place or that it was never me, even though the State applicable Office indicated that I could return anytime and open up the case, how cynical. THE INCRIMINATING ACTION IN MY OPINION WAS THE DISCOVERY OF THE MISPRINT ON THE BUSINESS CARD, which was being set up only as a means of providing long-term financial support for the NOT-FOR-PROFIT venture THE LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT CORPORATION (legal structure shown below). This is an indication that some Entity with something in dire need of covering-up, was intently searching for anything to aid in that process and they found it on a "MISPRINT" for requested business cards for NORTHEASTERN STRUCTURES and it was seized upon and systematically brought to life.

An Example of Disgraceful Institutional Financial Cover-up 

The Lighthouse Project Corporation Legal Structure


J_F_Brazant said...

Consistent with the information in this Post, some select organizations have been re-contacted such as Synergy, Sotheby’s International Realty of Las Vegas, to alert them of my identity theft developments ONLY for ensuring that neither the Proprietorship nor myself are being misrepresented as well as unsuspecting businesses misled by those responsible for this fraud; as this location is not a strategic fit for my Proprietorship.

J_F_Brazant said...

Those individuals responsible for this action in Vermont are behind those who even today approximately twenty-two (22) years later go to great lengths to prevent me from opening an a simple checking account & steal my income tax refund check to continue this SORDID AFFAIR AFTER ALL THESE YEARS with the aid of those who sell out the public trust.