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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Please don’t expect me to make choices,
With my right hand & feet bound & used like dices.
Freedom to choose, favorably or unfavorably,
Should be given unconditionally.
Only then can it be said that respect is on display,
Anything else is disingenuous & gone astray.
And while I believe the benefit of the doubt, should be offered,
It is based on reconciling areas previously severed,
And primarily extended to those not previously encountered.
I have no desire to be covered,
Just for the sake of being used & hovered.
This to me, is the only way to tell, if any direction on display isn’t misleading,
Even though it may not be very revealing.
Especially when direct communication isn’t carried out with me,
And I chose to eliminate extraneous radio & other noises to see, 
If what I am left to believe; is nothing more than insincere tea.

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