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Friday, December 2, 2011

Virtual Relationships: a Subset of Social Networking Relationships

When the subject of Social Networking Relationships was first introduced one aspect that was briefly mentioned without further detail was “virtual” relationships & this posting is an attempt to fill in the missing details. There exists today with the type of Internet/Social/Media/Network/Connections in existence, to maintain literally “virtual” relationships, which are literally devoid of “deeply meaningfull” contact with others with whom a “type” of relationship is cultivated. For some, with various “phoias” such relationships can be maintained because they fill needs brought into existence either by upbringing and/or past interactions (discussed in Comment 2 above). It has become possible to maintain what otherwise appears to be “satisfying” superficial relationships while “living” “closed off” from meaningful personal relationships even though sometimes interacting with others. As an example, “Truman” from the film of the same name (whose character is supposed to have lived alone for a specific duration & only monitored by cameras without physical contact with others), or those with fears of leaving their “confined” spaces, are being used to depict the type of “virtual relationship” individuals described here. In closing it must be pointed out the type of electronic world we live in makes it possible for individuals to live & maintain mere “virtual relationships” that depict those: 1) who live such existences due to conditions (choice) & or phobias of one type or another who close themselves off from from others physically & maintain “arms length” relationships and 2) who maintain mere “virtual relationships”, & appear to live otherwise normal lives but “close” themselves off from others emotionally in relationships. 

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J_F_Brazant said...

This posting is being updated to indicate that personally I am very uncomfortable with "virtual" relationships, because I am an "all or nothing" type of person, who readily seeks clear logistical arrangements to get a better understanding of the what, where & when type of details of a relationship; as I am not much for relationship phobias and/or emotional type games that can present relationship pitfalls.