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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is follow-up to the Post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY and the below photos represent the ONLY vehicles of the indicated Brand owned by me since relocating to Iowa in 1991. They are a 1991 pickup (inset at the time of the birth of Dawn), a 1999 Expedition and a 2001 Expedition. However, when an Organization makes

Purchase Record and Correspondences Supporting the ONLY vehicles of this Brand Owned by me.
a practice of either mailing Welcome letters from Dealerships (see above link) with whom you have made NO purchase or Service Reminders for a vehicle that you have neither purchased nor leased (see photo below), then that Entity either can’t tell the difference between a 1991 and a

Communication From Manufacturer Showing Vehicle NEVER Owned By me.
 1997 model year pickup or is knowingly selling vehicles to “virtual” impostors and “bouncing” off my address (since 1992) for legitimacy. IN ANY EVENT THE RECORD-KEEPING AND/OR CREDIBILITY OF THIS ORGANIZATION, WHICH SUPPORTS IDENTITY SWITCHING AND RECORDS TAMPERING/TINKERING, CANNOT BE RELIED ON PERIOD, FOR ANY TYPE IDENTITY/VALIDITY SUPPORT, AND THERE IS NO TELLING WHAT LENGTHS SUCH A COMPANY WILL GO TO IN SUPPORT OF PROPPING UP ITS IMPOSTORS. And in the end, really demonstrating that where there is smoke fire is not very far away (as shown below).

Where there is smoke fire is nearby, whether deliberately or accidentally set

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