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Monday, April 23, 2012


Persisting with every every tired and tru “virtual” technique,
Is not a recipe for a successful background swapping “picnique”,
Because there comes a time when your usual practices,
Can’t be applied as usual for your ID snatches.
Furthermore, bragging and gloating about your “greatness”,
Does not necessarily demonstrate vividness,
When stealing, manipulating and switching are used for boldness.
In addition, lying, brutal tactics and “virtual” imprisonment,
Are neither a laughing matter nor a supplement,
When a “pseudo” world has to be relied on for “grandiosement”,
And lying words applied to any soft-touch advertisement,
To prop-up “virtuals” in their fictitious world built on harassment,
With their belongings obtained with pillars of vicious hypocrisy;
In the end, methodologies based on blatant thuggery, can’t be coated with “scented” frivolity.

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