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Saturday, April 14, 2012


For those whose “vIrtual” identities are based on sand,
And are counting on this convenient marriage remaining with a neat band,
Your usual methodologies are not that grand,
As harassment, accidents, vandalism and framing have become bland.
What will be carried out next, to maintain the status quo?
Since smoke signals messages have been tried by a pro,
And time is running out to try something “real” low.
However, remember when using your lying "witnessees",
They have to justify why they are not convenient “perpetratees”,
Placed only to taint the innocent for modern-day “Hitlees”.
There comes a day that consequences have to be accepted,
Just as adopting "virtual” identities was thought to be effected,
By “imprisoning” others in an elaborate scheme of ID switching,
Turns out it can only go so far, as all the pieces are popping and pitching,
And cannot be relied on to support the tales that have been told by spoofing.

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