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Friday, April 27, 2012


The photo below depicts the Mitsubishi, Montero, which was purchased in Connecticut, and retitled in Vermont since it was a Title State like Iowa. This vehicle was relocated here in Iowa at the same time I did in 1991, and because the first insurance purchased here in Iowa for the vehicle was with the American Family Insurance company of Madison, Wisconsin through their Marion, Iowa office as shown, this does NOT TRANSLATE TO BEING AN AMERICAN ON MY 
Montero /Insurance Docs/Title after Loan Payoff
PART. There are those who, use superficial labels and numbers such as the “arbitrary” selection of the  0331-6715-61… policy number, to convey a connection to either themselves or Connecticut, because of that State’s long-standing main area code ending in 03 as depicted (203) and pronouncing themselves Americans based on the legitimacy of others and associating with this Company. It is my hope that some quid pro quo deal wasn’t made with that State (because of the headquarters of the referenced Insurance Company being there), in exchange for the merger in 1995 of IES/WPL and the DISASTER PRONE WINDOW-DRESSER providing cover for “virtual” impostors to pull-off identity theft (based on this insurance policy for the Connecicut purchased Montero), in exchange for becoming CEO of the merged Company ultimately in addition to other “roles” later.

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