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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Early springtime not only brings out the birds,
But also Grass Burners and "For-T-Too" other Code Burning “nerds”,
Grass Burning Around 8263 140th
Who can make their smoke do many aerial swirls,
From directly across the road, to surround and carry out wrap-around twirls.
Grass Burning Around 8263 140th
However, this smoke has a message that it conveys,
On the eve of my Divorce Hearing days,
Spring/Grass Burning With A Message Around 8263 140th
And even though it acts as a temporary mask for the signs of spring,
Transforming day to night, even as the birds sing,
Grass Burning Around 8263 140th
Pure “wonder and amazement” do these zoom photos bring,
To serve up photo memories that are lasting,
Grass Burning With A Zoom Around 8263 140th
 As a keepsake for Him, forced to spend a decade of being sidelined and fasting!

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