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Monday, April 23, 2012


My daughter’s previous biggest character flaw,

Was thinking that all (including extensions) who smiled with her were drinking from the same straw.
She, with her previous quick thinking personality,
Who did not allow herself to lose any competition with rationality,
Does not deserve to be in a state of indecision,
In the cause of an identity-seeking Bi-Profession,

With a trail in her wake,
Like the black widow she can fake.
Now Store Owners are rushing to label “Danieller”,
To cover-up the trail of this “brain altering” “accidenter”.
In order that those who stand to gain from Case 03188 can go “unnoticer,”
All with the assistance of a “drinking from all political sides”, subtle Window-Dresser. (see EXPLANATION OF A DISSASTER-PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON).

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