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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This posting is being expanded to include the events surrounding the current financial crisis, which is being highlighted on 10/30/2012. This monthly theme for February’s Conservery calendar series was highlighted because there is a definite difference between the two even though subtle on occasion, but clearly recognizable, when naturally occurring developments take place compared to orchestrated enactments. The following description should provide some clarity:
  • For example, the fact that personal documents placed in storage in Connecticut in 1989 just prior to the time of relocating to Vermont, which were never recovered (see NON-EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN A SOCIETY RUN BY "VIRTUALS" - UPDATED") and the subsequent mangling of my identity that took place, fall into the category of other events simply because no two individuals can have the exact same history. In my opinion, it is now clear that these documents were deliberately removed, (for the purpose of identity switching by all those parties either directly or indirectly providing "support" in concert with the "virtual" impostors).
  • The fact that the mysterious demise of the Locust tree, located then on the east and slightly southerly section of the property here at 8263 140th Avenue, which occurred on June 13th 2000 (see Conservery Inception section on the CONSERVERY PROPRIETORSHIP page), during the usual time at, which my (now) estranged spouse and children routinely picked me up on a daily basis from my then place of employment, occurred around the time of a scheduled campaign event by the sitting Vice President of the USA in Cedar Rapids, IA that required attendees to be prescreened for social security nos. etc., fall, also in the other eventscategory. I never took part in and still do not participate in such activities (see the introductory of the posting on THE GATEKEEPERS OF THE "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY and the guidelines outlined in my Proprietorship's procedure to ensure that this position is made clear CONSERVERY INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SERVICES FRAMEWORK/GUARANTEE POLICY SUMMARIZED & OTHER CONSIDERATIONS, for supporting details); but the individual who took part in these events, may have attended.
  • The occurrence of an almost life-threatening “accident”on the eve of my trip to Trinidad in January, 2001 also fall into the other events category (see TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATION(S) FROM CONSIDERATION).
  • Even though the infamous events of September 11, 2001 occurred exactly on the twenty-first (21st) anniversary of the date of my Pratt acceptance letter (see letter below) - cont'd below.
Pratt Aceptance Letter of September 11, 1980
  • (Cont'd from above) - I do not consider these coincidences either because the September 11th 2001 attacks were orchestrated/planned events and my bar for what is considered coincidental is so high that for me these also fall into the other events category.
  • Even the current financial crisis with its well-timed “meltdown” that peaked during the 2008 presidential primary/election contests cycle would in my estimation be considered an other event for its timing concurrent with the previously mention contests. My reasons for drawing this conclusion are as follows: All those with knowledge of investment, banking and insurance tools/practices were well aware that 1) Credit Default Swaps (CDSs) were as sound an investment mechanism as was the investment “frenzy” surrounding the “” bubble of the 1990s. This fact is based on the principle that you cannot guarantee large institutions they will all be insured against losses should the large portfolios of subprime mortgages in their possession collapse. In effect, the largest such insurer and others to a lesser extent, did not have the financial mechanism to meet their insured obligations that all became due at the same time and a “bailout” was required. This is in reality what took place. These “bailout’ funds were then used to payout to the large institutions with the “foresight” to purchase such insurance against losses in the subprime market, their claims against the “crippled” insurer. 2) Once Lehman Brothers brokerage was allowed to fail even though other institutions such as Bear Sterns and others were “propped-up”, the domino effect that “just so happened to land” in the midst of the 2008 election cycle was an event waiting to occur. The question of the day is, did this “well known” calamity waiting to happen change the outcome of the 2008 election? MY OPINION IS PROBABLY, BUT THEN AGAIN, I AM ONLY AN “ON-THE-SIDELINES OBSERVER”.  
  • Finally, the occurrence of identical vehicle crippling failures a few weeks apart, 12/20/2011 and 1/13/2012 respectively, in vehicles owned by my son and I also fall into the other events category (see the description for "Q" in AN A TO Z EXPOSÉ OF THE "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY'S METHODOLOGY).
True coincidences are rear developments and I do not have many examples I care to share in this context, but I will point to a series of classics in my opinion, as follows:
The day of the week on, which my three (3) children were born either, falls on Saturday or Tuesday. The two adult offspring were both born on Saturday and the youngest on Tuesday. Coincidentally, these days of the week also fall on the days of the week on, which either their mother or I was born. For the two adults, those dates 10/15/83 and 2/13/88 both fall on Saturday, as was their mother; while the youngest falling on 1/28/97 was on Tuesday, the same as the day of the week on, which I was born.
These occurrences as described above are examples of“real” coincidences in a society when too many events are orchestrated (pseudo) events to provide legitimacy for “virtual” impostors. THIS MONTHLY CALENDAR THEME WAS CONCEPTUALIZED TO DRAW ATTENTION AND HELP AT BEING MORE COGNIZANT OF THE DEVELOPMENTS AROUND US TO AVOID BEING MANIPULATED BY SMOOTH-TALKING SALES-PERSONS AND/OR ENTITIES.


J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

Even though the anniversary of my formal acceptance at Pratt Institute (September 11, 1980 - as shown above), has now "coincidentally" managed to be associated with an infamous day of tragedy in the USA, and there are those "virtuals" and their supporters who either orchestrate and/or manipulate the occcurrence of mass tragedies to use such confusion to re-arrange events in order to obtain qualifications for "virtuals"; as documented in the post, THE UNDERLYING REASON WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED, and then in turn resort to all forms of unimaginable unethical practices to bring about their ends (including mail fraud - see the post "WHEN IS TOO MUCH ASSISTANCE NOT THE BEST?"); when my semiannual Pratt Folio magazine, which is due at this time is received, it will be documented here