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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Where would this Organization Avaro Assure obtain information to the effect that my Proprietorship was in anyway, shape or form associated with the Company mentioned in this emailing (shown below that was received from them via email on 1/31/2012)? It was not from me that such "unique" information was supplied and this is my business, which Avaro Assure is implying was connected to a previous "employer" (see EXPLANATION OF A DISASTER-PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON) and that I was in need of their profiling (in order to attain success).
Aravo Assure Email of 1/31/2012
When any company communicate in this manner on the date of divorce Trial Setting Conference in, which my estranged spouse’s conduct may aid the “virtuals” and my insurance agent communicates with me in a manner that gives“real” meaning to identity theft - Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brazant (see mailing envelope below). This

Insurance Agent's Mailing Envelope of 1/31/2012
form of name mangling represents “virtual” impostors and their “gatekeepers" reliving fraud in an attempt to try to imply that the “real” Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brazant are not getting divorced with the ever ethical Dish (see WHEN DOES THE ABSENCE OF SOCIAL ETHICS IN TODAY'S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT INTERSECT WITH THE "VIRTUAL'' SOCIETY) entity providing communication to support all these unethical implications (see below).
Dish Network Mailing of 1/31/2012
This form of address requires special mention, because it goes back to Vermont and the enrollment of my oldest, then a six (6) year old in their homeschool program (see composites of various submittals/responses forms below), where my self employment activities included being a Part-Time Lecturer (see below).
This s a Composite of Some of the Various Submittal Responses Involved In Dejon's Homeschool Application Process in Vermont - Please Note That An Error Was Made in This Application Process, With Dejon's Birth Year Being Incorrectly Stated As 1984 Instead of 1983. By The Time It Was Realized That A Mistake Had Been Made, An Exit Had To Be Made From Vermont Because of Certain Unforeseen Circumstances And It Went Uncorrected. {Something That Imposters And Their Supporters Looking For Every Thread To Prove Legitimacy (As They Did The Misprinted Business Card From Northeastern Structures - See Link Below); No Doubt Have Capitalized On}.

This is a composite of various submittals showing where the error in Dejon's birth year was made, I am very cognizant of the details because I completed the forms and it was my mistake, in my hand-writing and my signature shown above. No two individuals have the exact same signature and I can prove this is mine just as no two individuals have the same social security number as was on the following check stub from Vermont Technical College where I was a part-time Lecturer while there (shown below).

Check Stub from Vermont Techical College (VTC) where I was a Part-Time Lecturer (now even though my name was misspelt and included an "s" insead of "z" by them either wittingly or unwittingly but correctly on the envelope of the CCV, which, VTC was (and probably still is a part of). Furthermore, it was (and still is) my social security number via, which I received my salary as a part time instructor.
[Dejon, by the way also received a mailing from our insurance agent on 1/31/2012 to convey originality]. Little did I realize it at the time, but this form of address combined with the non-receipt of my personal documents/information (see MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD ON/OFF LINE A - SYMPTOM OF WEB ADVANCES and HOW "VIRTUAL" INENTITIES ARE SUSTAINED) was the beginning of my identity (as a non American being mangled with that of an American to provide cover to an ever growing list of“virtual” impostors). The addition of my middle initial applies new meaning to adding insult to injury, however, the overall intent is to imply that those hiding behind these “virtual” labels are the originals (see THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY - how else would they be known as being legitimate, see HOW "VIRTUAL" IDENTITIES ARE SUSTAINED as well).
Therefore, when organizations communicate and provide information that clearly represents inaccuracy to the highest order in resources that are rightfully yours and tell you whom you are supposed to be then they follow you around because they cannot start anything legitimate in their “virtual” identities and publicize it (since they are not known publicly in these assumed identities except to other “virtuals”; but are skilled at waiting for whatever is initiated and without missing a beat like “fiddlers on every roof”, they come marching to usurp what is started to take control with their “questionably” obtained resources (see ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE). This is how and when you know that “virtuals” are in control of society today. HOWEVER, MY IDENTITY/ACCOMPLISHMENTS ARE NOT BEING SURRENDERED BECAUSE OF INTIMIDATION by “virtual”impostors and their supporters who lack business ethics and rely on “thuggery” to take over whatever they choose.

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J_F_Brazant said...

This topic was again updated on 2/5/2012 to draw attention to the methodology used by the "virtual" society to sustain their easily otained qualifications/identities.