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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This posting has been again revised to include the referenced listing of calendars comprising the 2005 Conservery mailing campaign. This list is approximately 98% complete, and includes duplicates mailed for accuracy. The previous update to include expanded details about the applicable mailing received on February 14, 2005 and its implications with regards my permanent resident status and it is for this reason that the email shown was quickly enacted to document my position/status clearly and unequivocally as was my practice are also included.

This is a continuation of the subject ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS and the focus on specific number(s) continue to show how credibility is simply conveyed in a business deal that conveys or subtracts at will, as long as a deal is there to be made.
This followup is being introduced with this question, who is using a propane dealer to attempt alter historical records for the purpose of providing support to “virtual” impostors? Knowing THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY, this question will be examined from the point-of-view of labels and/or numbers as follows: In the email shown below, from a questionable Entity, that attempted to institute a propane tank leasing only after my lay-off and approximately eleven plus years after purchasing the residence (that

Email From A Propane Entity With Identity Switching As Its Intent
Included the tank with the property purchase in 1992). My response in the email was clear, clearly fraudulent. This wasn’t only an attempt to install a leasing program but identity switching to try and demonstrate that at this residence; I was merely a renter (and that the“virtual” James F. Brazant who now lived elsewhere was the "real" Owner). Propane was eventually obtained elsewhere, from Walters Lumber Company through (approximately 2009).
Horizon, the Entity in question "followed" our propane purchasing activity and purchased Walters Lumber Company. The reason for drawing this conclusion was due to the same old account number being reinstituted even after many years had elapsed after closing the account (originally established in 1992). Well why was there such insistency, to implement the old account number, etc? If the unique telephone number is examined, 6437, the infamous number 37 turns up again “propping up” a second “virtual” impostor associated with the number 64 and fictitiously connecting this bi-professional impostor to this property through propane historical account records alteration/manipulation again (see HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD - UPDATED). THIS ACCOUNT WAS AGAIN CLOSED AND PROPANE IS NOW OBTAINED FROM A DIFFERENT ORGANIZATION COMPLETELY, (RIVER VALLEY COOP), WHICH I SUSPECT HORIZON IS MEDDLING IN ALSO (IN THE BACKGROUND FROM A DISTANCE BECAUSE OF THEIR SIZE AND INFLUENCE).
Later, to cement the first “virtual” impostor to the property once Conservery was making calendars available (see below) to U.S. and international selected  

This List was updated for miscellaneous editorial details

individuals, country representatives, embassies, etc., the first impostor was given the appearance of being politically connected via the following communication, which I carefully denounced as has been my usual pattern (see below) when confronted with such, because it clearly violated my procedures and misrepresented me as a permanent resident.

The above communication shows the February 14, 2005 contribution mailing request with its clearly definitive political language, which was completely in contrast to my actual permanent resident status as documented in my procedures for the Proprietorship and required a definitive stand as was done via the email of February 15, 2005, also depicted. I TAKE MATTERS SUCH AS THIS SERIOUSLY and do not appreciate any “virtual” impostors using my legitimacy to call themselves “powerbrokers” to give their “questionable activities” an air of credibility via the airwaves. The below Jury request was handled in the same manner as was the above mailing.

(see CONSERVERY INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SERVICES FRAMEWORK/GUARANTEE POLICY SUMMARIZED AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS) and was classically identity switching at its worse (by attempting to include me in a process from, which I was excluded, but crediting someone else); by those who knew better but who motivations speak for themselves. This Omnipotent Business Mogul, (see THE GATEKEEPERS OF THE VIRTUAL SOCIETY - UPDATED) associated with this number’s motivations "speak" for themselves. How much is enough, when from all appearances, wealth is revealed on the surface, but when that “facade” is removed, for a closer look, what is revealed is not pretty; but wealth being pursued at all costs, irrespective of whose lives are turned upside down in the process, all in the name of playing god in the name unbridled wealth. When such trappings are made more important than the lives of those being impacted, no wonder a “virtual” society controls the very existences of all who choose to stand aside because they are not being impacted and/or become “foot soldiers” in this society’s campaign for self preservation; or worse, sell out a younger brother for “30 pieces of silver.” IT IS MY HOPE THAT THERE ARE STILL A FEW OUT THERE WHO HAVE NOT FALLEN VICTIM TO THE “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY’S“CHARMS”, IF ONLY ONE!

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J_F_Brazant said...

Typical example of the few Companies to whom calendars were mailed in December 2004 but not shown on the listing, include: Google & Microsoft, [however, the calendar to this Organization, (Microsoft) for some reason was returned in the mail in the original envelope with the name of the addressee blotted out].