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Monday, February 27, 2012


As previously stated in the Post, CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS, “my authenticity is based on the facts and actual historical events that can be proven” and this follow-up to this post is designed to provide a snapshot of what was stated there, focusing on my days at The Kerite Company. An included photo from that content depicted me accepting an IIA for an Engineering Newsletter idea. While at Kerite, extra activities such as participation in the Road Racing team was carried out as well as writing articles for the same publication even prior to the suggestion for the Engineering Newsletter and afterwards. See the composite photos below of October 1985’s publication with the article of road racing team’s exploits, which was actually on page 6.

Kerite News Reel composite publication from October 1985 focusing on the Road Racing Team's exploits under Sports.
In addition, the feature article from the spring 1987 publication depicts my article that was actually on pages 4/5.

Kerite News Reel composite publication from Spring 1987 focusing on my article about the untold Story of a cable product.
In conclusion, this snapshot has been included here to remind those who think that just because they assume the identity of another and: 1), hide behind a “wizard” with a certain reputation, 2) rely on labels and numbers (see THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY) to prop-up their “virtual” identities and 3) “promote” their “legitimacy” through constant advertising by those in their quid pro quo impostor supported business “network”; and "feel" that this is "true" legitimacy, well it isn't. There are a few problems here, for example one such deficiency is that the “Wizard” may actually start believing all the “wild” stories circulated about his “magical” superior abilities, and then have to resort to all types of unethical practices (to put it mildly) to convey the type of extraordinary feats being attributed to him in order that all the "holes" in your "virtual" identities may escape close in depth scrutiny. (Pride is a difficult trait to overcome once allowed to escape the “barn”, capturing and re-enclosing it is practically impossible).    
Selectively picking and choosing events from the past of another, while excluding those details you cannot quite manipulate to suite your objective is a very dangerous road to travel, if uncovered. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE TO THE FULLEST, instead of absconding with bits and pieces of what suites your purposes from others and think that you can cover it up in “houses built on foundations of sand” in a tailor-made closed world of like-minded individuals.

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