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Friday, February 3, 2012


This link to the story VIRGINIA TO REQUIRE ABORTION-SEEKERS TO GET ULTRASOUND describes an ultrasound requirement currently being proposed in Virginia for those seeking abortions. As a rule, I refrain from treading into political policy, to avoid violating my Proprietorship’s Guidelines on such matters (see CONSERVERY INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SERVICES FRAMEWORK/GUARANTEE POLICY SUMMARIZED AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS). However, since there is a noticeable “fairness” aspect to the specific social issue, I will attempt to walk a fine line and view this from the fairness aspect rather than from the much broader social policy “quicksand” issues involved. To be fair, requiring an individual seeking an abortion procedure to seek an ultrasound is only dealing as usual with only one aspect of a matter, which is multi-faceted and ultimately turns out to be a bad approach to solving any issue. To be fair and more successful, social issues should be addressed from all their sides but this is much more complicated to implement. One avenue that comes to mind is a pre-parental test for all, which is an approach that would be a better and fairer method of addressing this issue.
Without getting into the social policy of how to implement it, but only focusing on the fairness point-of-view, it is clear to see that such an approach would require both parties to contemplate the ramifications of their actions. Just the ability to be a parent only is not all that’s required for such a demanding role (statistics do support 
this position, however, this is an entirely different subject that is not being addressed here).
In conclusion, all that can be stated is that there are altogether too many societal problems (see A PECULIAR COMPLEXITY OF SOME RELATIONSHIPS for a limated example of such concerns) that can be traced back to this matter of questionable parental responsibility for unfair solutions (that can be abused); and lead to other unintended consequences to, add one-sided band aid approaches to such issues. BROAD SOLUTIONS ADDRESSING ALL SIDES OF AN ISSUE IS ALWAYS A FAIRER APPROACH TO ANY SOCIAL ISSUE.

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