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Friday, February 17, 2012


The purpose of this posting is to clearly connect the dots that demonstrate historical accuracy, starting in Connecticut and ending in Iowa unmistakably, as stated in the title, by focusing on one aspect of details never examined in depth. For this review, the Northeastern Structures start-up is examined as shown below, to find Certificate of Registration of Trade Name document # 5168 of 6/24/1988 that was initiated at 1:47 pm on the referenced date.

Since no two such documents can be issued at the same time legally, and I am in possession of the original, which was issued to myself (and my now estranged spouse), there can be no other legitimate document in the possession of any individual that can attest to this limited partnership.
This legally binding document states correctly that with its issuance; it was being documented “that there are no other persons with the undersigned in the conduct of said business”. The completion of this registration activity in Seymour, CT is because this was where I was then employed as an Applications Engineer at The Kerite Company (as shown below). This Trade Name registration was followed with

This publication of the Kerite News Reel with my business card included depicts my acceptance of the IIA award.
the application for and receipt of the Federal Employer Identification Number 06-1248641 issued on 11/17/1988. As previously stated, the sole purpose of this activity was to provide a means of long-term financial support for the not-for-profit Lighthouse Project Corporation (see Notable Mention Subsection on the CONSERVERY PROPRIETORSHIP PAGE). It was with this in mind that the New York address at Woods Road (Road # 30) to, which the P.O. Box on the Northeastern Structures business card refers, was initiated. The below documents depict the 5.47-acre lot that was purchased for the sole purpose of establishing a model log

home for marketing purposes. As shown, very detailed plans had been enacted, with the purchase of the lot, a building permit was obtained, as well as plot plan developed, in addition to building plans finalized and electric service requested for the site. This entire activity was in support of The LPC; therefore, when my association with the organization ended in 1989 all such plans were curtailed and the lot was eventually sold with improvements (partially constructed foundation).
Consistent with this direction, when the plans for placing personal effects in storage was initially estimated as depicted below, it can be clearly shown that Barryville, New York was listed on the estimate obtained. This however, did not impact the fact that

personal documents were never obtained because when the personal effects were eventually collected from 508 Still Hill Road, it was clear that Vermont was the relocation direction. The details from Vermont, to the transition address in New York are well documented as detailed in (HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD- UPDATED), therefore my contention that the non-receipt of these personal identification documents, was a deliberate action is supported by ensuing events.

Once in Iowa, and at the first residence, this unusual request was obtained from the Area Education Agency, proudly exhibiting my daughter’s name, birth date and my parentage on the outside label. Even though, I thought this to be quite unusual, I did not realize it at the time, but what was taking place was “subtle institutionalized identity switching” by a “virtual” impostor, using this outward information to hide himself behind even my children for credibility, (see THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY), in addition to other frauds.
Grant Wood Area Education Agency Mailing of January, 1992
In conclusion, it can be definitively stated that the registration of the Northeastern Structures Trade Name only included two individuals and I was one of them, with its main intent being to provide a means of long-term financial support for the not-for-profit LPC, which included the purchase of an approximate 5-acre lot for establishing a model residence in New York. All such plans/activities ended with the sale of the lot and eventually relocating to Vermont instead. As previously stated, no two individuals can have the exact history, regardless of how many other (or groups of) “virtuals” and supporters are providing quid pro quo support. Any attempt by anyone to associate with this Trade Name represents an infringement upon the original intent of the activity as documented. Furthermore, using external labels to infer legitimacy is not the path to originality. MY AUTHENTICITY IS BASED ON THE FACTS AND ACTUAL HISTORICAL EVENTS THAT CAN BE PROVEN BY CAREFULLY LINKING …THE…EVIDENCE, FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE SUCH INFORMATION, EVEN IF ONLY ONE OR TWO. 

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