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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This posting is an update to ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS CONTINUED and ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS to ensure that I am not making the same mistake, which I am attempting to warn others about, regarding appearances that are not “coincidences”.
I am fully aware that things are not always what they appear to be, especially knowing that the Ed Earner “Titan of Commerce” (see THE GATEKEEPERS OF THE "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY -  UPDATED) is associated with this specific number referenced in the subject with his “somewhat” Midwestern roots and works in “close” collaboration with the “Fodder” of society “Titan”. Therefore, in the interest of fairness and: 1) making sure that responsibility is placed at the correct doorstep(s), 2) being very much aware of “other events” (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS) that are not coincidences at all, and 3) the fact that this specific Titan is renown for being a very, very, very, very, very, very sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky “chap”; as a result, I AM WITHHOLDING MAKING ANY INSINUATION WITH REGARDS OWNERSHIP OF THE NO. 37 PLAYBOOK UNTIL ALL THE RELEVANT DETAILS ARE REVEALED.


J_F_Brazant said...

It’s time to answer this question, and the bottom line is that there are many characters that comprise this Playbook. The central trait they all share is plain old-fashioned “greed”, basically, the desire to profit at the expense of others no matter what unethically practices are required to enact their objective. After my encounter with them, I can only conclude that it is their purpose to create a puppet “Society/Country”. Many have been identified in this Blog and ALL identified in-part share equal responsibility for the state of "the Country of my residence", its finances as well as those internationally they choose to target in the cause of maintaining their financial pyramid empire/"Society" (see the post GIVING PROPER CREDIT WHERE IT DUE - link on COMMENTS Page).

J_F_Brazant said...

Who specifically did this opportunistic Politico (discussed on Day 33 on THE CHALLENGE Page - link on COMMENTS Page) with a penchant for hiding behind others specifically make a quid quo pro deal with? Which “Society’s” type representative was so bold as to “deal” away an individual’s identity and accomplishments to a con artist? A look back at events should provide some clues in, which the answer lies hopefully. On the very last day of this Politico’s two terms in office, after eight (8) years it was announced that throughout these years the only State in the Union that he had not visited was ironically State no. 37, which he saved for last. How revealing this action was symbolically, of, which the question previously asked on this post. This is a peek into the Mogul who decided to play “god” and rearranged the identity and accomplishments of an individual because he chose to ask why was he ignored when seeking financing in a place one is supposed to seek such answers, a bank! Who gave you the authority to implement an illegal redistribution scheme to “correct” (or cover-up) this unfortunate event?