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Thursday, February 9, 2012


This post is being updated to include critical birth order details for the record. Summarizing the main concern associated with a “virtual identity”, namely, it requires all details to work out exactly for those finding themselves in such positions to “pull it off”. For example, you cannot use my parents’ identities just because their birth years IN BARBADOS (NOT THE USA) allow “identity dodgers” and other impostors to mask themselves behind this information to justify their legitimacy (see How "Virtual" Identities are Sustained). Such misuses require the impostors to use only the information that suites them while ignoring the critical facts, namely that my parents married older (as previously documented), neither of them had offspring outside their marriage and their first child; a stillbirth wasn’t until circa 1947 followed by sister June who was born in June, 1949 my brother Paul in December 1950 and I in December 1952. FURTHERMORE, THEY HAD NO OTHER OFFSPRING AND THESE EVENTS TOOK PLACE IN BARBADOS. Even though the oldest child, a girl of my parents did not survive birthing process, as it turns out, my sister JUNE IS still THE OLDEST SURVIVING OFFSPRING, NOT A "BROTHER" DREAMT UP BY THE "SHADOWY SOCIETY" FOR ONE OF THEIR "FREE LOADER'S CAUSE".

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J_F_Brazant said...

For those who are/were of the opinion that attempting to manipulate me today of all days (the birthdate of my Sister, who may have switched birth order records with my brother who was also born on the 22nd but in December), was an avenue for achieving legitimacy for "virtuals" whom my siblings "chose" to support for one reason or another (of their own choosing), think again because such validation of their action is NOT being endorsed by me.